Wrong people: significant reasons to walk away


Loving wrong people might change you in a way and you will never be the same. You will lose a part of yourself and you will never get it back. Don’t forget you’re worth more than a temporary love given by the wrong people. It doesn’t matter if it’s a lover or a friend, wrong people are wrong people. They will come into your life and will make you feel ok with toxic things. You won’t see that these things are toxic until you burn yourself. This burns, arr worth it. Because maybe this way, you will keep your distance and won’t let these people change another thing about you.

I’ve always trusted the wrong people and they proved why I shouldn’t trust them in the first place. Once the trust is broken, there’s no going back. But then, the toxicity came in and I couldn’t let them go. Because they didn’t let me. They promised, they showed me, but still, something wasn’t enough. And even though I knew it was not enough, I kept ongoing. I kept on going giving myself to the wrong people.


There are two types: the ones who promise things that will never happen. And, the others who come into your life to teach you lessons. In fact, they the right ones, they may be toxic but they teach you things the hard way. And you wouldn’t understand these things by someone who’s not temporary. The fact that they are temporary, is what makes them “wrong”.

This is such a hard pill to swallow but remember this one. If they come back, let them go. Let this toxic shit go away, far from you.  In reality, they don’t even love you. They just hate to see you with someone else or moving on without them. They hate to see you better off without them. They hate to see you loving another one the same way you loved them.

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Right people would never make you feel insecure about yourself. If you are crying yourself to sleep, if you flinch when someone raises the voice or hands, if you constantly feel the need to overthink, to be reassured; then I am pretty sure, they are not your people. The only way to be on good terms with them is to lock your thoughts in your head. To swallow your emotions and overthink until you go crazy. To stop expressing yourself, how you feel, what are you thinking of. They are not good people.

They take advantage of you. They know that they have a lot of power over you, over your feelings and you are not strong enough to fight them. But guess what, you are more than enough. You are strong and you can look at yourself and say “I’m done”. You thought they loved you, but darling this is not loving. This is manipulation. One day you will find yourself in a very toxic situation. If you are lucky and smart, you’ll get out. If you are not, you’ll be stuck and you’ll become toxic, too.

If you get out, if you are lucky, you will be the toxic one next time. If you find the right person, who treats you the way you deserve. A person who makes you feel enough, comfortable, loved; someone who chooses to fight for you, who’d rather lose the argument than you. A person who would do anything to keep you. You will be scared of this love, this healthy love. You will be so scared that you will start to overthink. “Am I enough? Did I say something wrong? What if they leave? What if I am annoying?” You will need a lot of reassurance.

If they stay and help you to be yourself again, they are your people forever and maybe you found your soulmate. but if they leave, but still treated you right, don’t be mad. They just couldn’t handle the trauma, they couldn’t help you with the things you should work on by yourself. Now that you have toxic traits, learn to let them go with those people. Try to understand that you cannot bleed on someone else’s wound. Solve your things, find yourself, let those people go. Next time, when you find good people, hold on to them because now you are ready for them. You are not bleeding anymore.



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