Writing challenge and 4 simple ways to plan your writing year


What is a better way than a writing challenge plan to get you out of your comfort zone as a writer? This will help you not only be productive but also enjoy what you do and grow as a writer. Whether you choose daily, weekly, monthly or yearly goals, the point is to piece together a year you can’t wait to write about! Let’s find out together what is a writing challenge and how to plan your writing year.

Set up your goals

A big plan, such as a year-long writing challenge comes with a lot of thinking ahead. So as not to become overwhelmed or get bored and lose your motivation in the process, try to set reachable goals. In this way, you won’t be disappointed, moreover, you’d be very proud of the fact that you’ve met your own expectations. The best way to start the planning of a writing year is to engage in shorter challenges. A seven-day writing challenge will help you to plan and see whether you are made for this or not. Here are a few ideas on how this type of challenge might look like. 

 7- day writing challenge ideas:

  • Write a love letter every day
  • Write a piece of flash fiction every day
  • Portray a different type of character every day 
  • Revive and revise an old work of yours
  • Rewrite the same text every day, always adding something new/ changing the ending 
  • Write as if you were your favorite character/author 
  • Fill up a notebook in a week 
  • Write a story in an hour

Pick a year-long focus

Starting a new year afresh is always a good idea. Entering a new year with big goals will motivate you to be more productive and achieve as many goals. It seems natural to focus your year around a large project like a novel or a series, but sometimes this leads to feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or bored.


You forget why you tackled the project in the first place, and feel as if you’re repeating the same mistakes over and over again. A straightforward strategy to avoid that is to revolve your writing around one word. For example prolific, elegant, inspiring, fun, experimental, abstract. Your challenge can be focused even on developing some skills, such as improvement of vocabulary, plotting, editing, or constructing characters. Whatever may keep you motivated and inspired throughout the year. 

Keep a writer’s notebook

Be it on paper or on your computer, a writer’s notebook will save your life. Here is your entire world as a writer and your best friend when it comes to being organized. This notebook should be designed in order for you to keep track of ideas and not be lost in time. You can make it as colorful and attractive as you want. Add quotes, ideas, notes, and pictures that inspire you. Your writing is your safe place!

Schedule your progress

Keeping track of your progress will help you, even more, to stay organized and don’t get bored in the process. Look behind at what you have created and reward yourself from time to time. Track and review your work at least once a month and see whether you make any improvements or not. And if not, why? Maybe you need to spice things up a little. But the goal is not to give up, but to get you out of your comfort zone and be productive. 

The fun part is that you have the freedom to design your own challenge. Of course, the internet is just one click away, and you can join whatever challenge your fellow writers might follow. The point is to create, be motivated, and enjoy writing at all costs.


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