Writing Inspiration: 5 Creative Places to Draw It From


It comes as no surprise that inspiration can stem from many places. But as writers we often find ourselves in a slump and nothing seems to be of interest to us or our work. But sometimes there are more places to seek inspiration from than you expect.


  1. Nature


I know it may seem like a cliché, but nature always has something to offer. Whether you choose to look at it in a romantic, idyllic way, or in a negative way, or as an entirely reconstructed concept, nature never seizes to run out of amazing things to draw ideas from.

After all, if there was little to no inspiration in nature, there wouldn’t be so many writings and perspectives on it. But beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder.


  1. Yourself


Personal experience is one of the most written about subjects. After all, what you experience is what you can describe best.

However, personal experience doesn’t have to mean writing about what happened to us in detail, but rather using it as a sketch around which we can add an alternate ending or change any details or completely replace the setting and characters. Personal experience really helps make a piece of writing more authentic and relatable for people who have experienced it as well. A personal touch can make a thing go from good to great.


  1. Others/The world


What I mean by this concept is basically other people’s experience and knowledge on a certain situation. How other people live their lives is sometimes inspiringly fascinating to us. However, this idea can also mean that inspiration can come from every living creature or inanimate object in the world. Any item can have a story we attribute to it. And any object can be however or whatever we want it to be.

Nonetheless, the inspiration we draw from other people doesn’t necessarily have to be people we know. Any person can inspire us: celebrities, historical figures, teachers, even strangers. The impact they have on us or the details that stand out to us about them can be a unique and resourceful source of inspiration. After all, we can create their whole life stories using our imagination with the little things we notice about them.


  1. Art


Sometimes, other people’s inspiration can inspire us. However, we can obviously not steal their idea, so we have to look at the details and expand on them. More precisely, a song lyric, a specific aspect from a painting, a line from a book, or a scene from a movie can really spark our interest to either document ourselves on a topic, look into our own or others experiences or create something totally unique with it.

After all, every art piece was initially inspired by another or by many others. Don’t be intimidated to let other’s great work become a catalyst for yours. One small detail can mean a thousand things for people.


  1. Dreams


I think most of us can agree that our dreams can contain some of the most intricate and mind-bending scenarios. Our subconscious often also draws inspiration from our daily lives, but sometimes it creates worlds and ideas we would never expect. And more importantly, dreams are very unique. You would very rarely if ever, meet someone who has had the same dream as you.

However, dreams are fairly hard to remember, especially in great detail. But we can often remember the things that really had an impact on us. One suggestion I have for this method is keeping a dream journal. This is what great writers such as Vladimir Nabokov have done. His journal was later published under the title “Insomniac Dreams: Experiments with Time”. Even though he had a different premise, his dreams have become a famous piece of work.


The world really is your oyster when it comes to places where you can find inspiration. These are just some suggestions that hopefully helped you see things in a different way. After all, it’s not always the innovation that matters the most, but our own spin on certain ideas and concepts.


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