Working at home:pros and cons that you should be aware of


Especially in these times,where it is somehow benefic for our health to stay inside,many of us had to learn the good and the bad in working at home.

The good side of working at home

You can do it from anywhere.You can start spending more time with your family,by just being at home.It can be easier,especially if you used to spend a lot of time to get to work.

Working at home:pros and cons that you should be aware of

You can also travel.By being able to do your work from anywhere you are,you can easily travel and take your laptop with you,being able to explore new places in your free time from work.

Being at home in your safe space,wearing something that makes you feel comfortable,your own work attire being chose by you,can make you happier.You can also save  the money that you used while you were at work and you can make your own food or coffee in the comfort of your home.

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The bad side of working at home and advices

You can find yourself working even more,because you tehnically are in your work space and you may have to work extra to finish the work for the day,because you do not have the opportunity to leave home and do it all tomorrow-you are already home.There are some cases in which your boss might overwork you because they consider that you can work more and more because you are home already,you are in your safe space already.

Sometimes this issue can only be fixed by talking to your boss and explaining that you need the same schedule as before,that you are more capable of doing your work properly if you are able to take breaks.

Mixing the space that used to comfort you, as your bed,your home,as your work space,can be confusing.By making the place in which you used to relax in when you came home from work,the same place that you work in,may make it harder for you to relax at home after finishing work hours.It may be confusing.

Working at home:pros and cons that you should be aware of

In order for this issue to be fixed,you can either make a space in your home that is dedicated to work time,by entering that place just when you have work to do,like a spare room for example,or you can even take your laptop and work somewhere else.You can go to a coffe house that is close to where you live,and stay there,and work there.

Sometimes,even if you do not go to work,it is better for you to separate work space from home space,from your safe place.

Missing the social interactions that came from work,the outfits that you used to put aside every night,so that you knw how to dress at work tomorrow,can be hard for some of us.Just knowing that we are preparing to leave is more comforting for some people.

Working at home:pros and cons that you should be aware of

As I said above,by working in a different space,you are capable of socializing,of dressing up,of preparing for work,for something.You can also see your friends whenever you would like after work.

You need to figure out the best environment you can work in,so that you can get rid of the bad side of working at home,and enjoy the good side of it.


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