“Wonder” – The boy who was a true miracle

Wonder is a book written by R.J. Palacio. This is by far one of my favorite books and I even made my mother read it. Wonder is a children’s book, but in this article, I’m gonna try to convince you that the book is worth reading without taking into account this aspect. 

Why is the book entitled “Wonder”?

When looking in a dictionary, you’ll find out that the noun “wonder” represents a feeling of great surprise and admiration caused by something that is strange and new.
By this definition, we could describe the main character, August Pullman. The book takes us through the life of August, a boy who amazes every person he meets. Both through his personality and his appearance. He truly is a miracle. 

What’s so special about a boy that he’s called a wonder? 

August Pullman is the main character of the book. He’s a ten-year-old boy who lives with his parents and his older sister. Up until now, everything sounds normal, right? Well, here’s the catch. August was born with a rare medical facial deformity. You can imagine how people stare at him when he goes outside.
Even though you might be scared away by his face, Auggie (Auggie is August’s nickname) is nothing but a sweetheart. His mother refers to him as her wonder. Every person who meets Auggie learns how to look at life differently.

How one little boy changed the life of many 

August is such a special person and the book demonstrates this. Although he’s aware of his hideous face and making new friends is hard for him, once you get to know him you’re in for a ride. August was homeschooled by his mother, but after he’s enrolled in a private middle school he has to face the harsh world all by himself.
At first, the children from school ignored August and some even bullied him. However after a particular incident (if you wanna know what happened, go read the book as I won’t be giving spoilers) they learned that this little boy has a heart of gold. August himself learns how fun it is to have friends who aren’t scared when they see you.

What did I learn from the book?

A medical condition does not define you and it’s okay to be different. As I myself am suffering from a medical condition, this book taught me how sometimes it’s better not to fit in.
In the past, I had low self-esteem and I could comprehend the fact that I was different and something was wrong with me. August showed me that it’s important to have faith in yourself and in the end, everything will work out somehow.
In addition, Wonder also taught me how it’s necessary to get to know a person before you start to form your opinion about them. Don’t judge a book by its cover, this applies to human beings as well. 

Who can read “Wonder”? 

Everyone, no matter how young or old they are. Although the book was meant originally for children as I’ve said earlier my mom read it too. Wonder is a masterpiece and it’s worth reading. It’s a little emotional at times, just so you know. Finally here is one of my favorite quotes from the book:
“Sometimes I think my head is so big because it is so full of dreams”.
By the way, my mom loved the book and recommended it to other people as well. Hope you’ll take my mother’s advice (and my advice) and read this wonderful book.
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