Wisconsin people formed lines to vote, despite the COVID-19 pandemic

People formed lines to vote

People in Wisconsin formed lines on Tuesday to cast their vote. At 7 AM people formed long lines in front of the voting center. The folk was motivated to cast their ballots, even with the looming threat that is the coronavirus pandemic.

Wisconsin is the only state to still hold in-person voting in April, the most crucial month in flattening the curve on the virus. As Health Officials said, many states, Wisconsin included, will reach their peak in COVID-19 cases in April.

The Republican-led state legislature decided to forge ahead with the primary. However, Governor Tony Evers issued an executive order on Monday. This order involved postponing the in-person voting and extending the deadline. Just hours later, the state Supreme Court struck it down. The US Supreme Court voted 5–4 against extending the absentee voting deadline.

Even if the people came with one idea in mind: to express their right to vote, the fear of the coronavirus could be seen on their faces. Many said that it was an irresponsible decision to let the voting happen. Even so, a lot also said that it was their right.

So, even if people formed lines over lines to vote, they kept the atmosphere lighthearted. They talked about the masks they were wearing, complemented each other and tried to stay calm. It took some people a couple of hours to cast their ballots, but in the end, they recognized that it was a great risk.

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