Will make-up transform you into an ugly witch?


Make-up can be seen as art. It makes people feel stronger and more confident. It also gives them a positive attitude towards themselves. But why?

In this article, we will talk about the skin-care routine. Another beauty aspect you should consider is your hair. If you want to know how to have long and beautiful hair, click HERE!

Many people say that a beautiful person has more things to win.

Indeed, the natural beauty is way better than the “artificial” one but, sometimes, it is not enough.  Sometimes, we need a tiny tiny “final touch” is all we need. Going on a date with Prince Charming seems more magical if you feel good about yourself. Girls’ night has become more interesting since you started sharing make-up tips.

When it comes to products, there is a large variety. Getting bored is an impossible option.

It’s important to know what products you should choose and what are their effects.

How do we choose the perfect products? Well, it depends on your skin type. I beg you, stop aggressing your face with all that crap your colleague told you about. Start making research. If you want a baby-skin, start a skin-care routine.

What are the skin types and what does all that bullshit mean?

Categories, categories and again categories. Every crappy thing has its categories. Oh, look! The skin can also be classified! Magnificent!

Each skin type needs a certain routine. Some girls are luckier than others when it comes to skin-types and skin-care.

If you have normal skin, you can consider yourself lucky.

Congrats! You don’t have to use that many products and your skin-care routine is not so… overwhelming. But don’t forget! An angel skin also needs attention! A moisturizing cream over the night, a mask per week and a serum are all you need for perfect skin.

Will make-up transform you into an ugly witch?

The dry skin is the most common, even if we talk about the one who lacks sebum or the one that needs water.

There are many reasons why you have this skin type. Neglecting or exaggerating your skin-care can dry your skin. When it comes to make-up, consider the powder as your no. 1 enemy.

This skin type needs intensively hydrated products with gel textures. Clearly stay away from soaps and other astringent products.

Sensitive skin can be a problem for people with all skin types.

It has the same rection as the dry skin type. This skin type reacts at each temperature change. If your skin is sensitive, don’t use aggressive skin products, and totally avoid devices, even though they say they are “sensitive-skin-friendly”.

The mixed skin is all you should desire.

It’s not greasy and the dilated pores are not a problem either. It’s so easy to take care of it!

The greasy skin is a really common type.

The dilated pores are “the best friends” of this skin type. You can’t escape those, but you can maintain those at a normal rate. The blackheads are also invited to the party.

But don’t forget! Never pop ’em at home! Instead, go to a salo, after seeing a dermatologist. Apply the creams with spatulas, never with your fingers! And finally, please please see go to see a specialist.

Will make-up transform you into an ugly witch?

Why do these negative effects occur on your skin? Well, that’s because of the excess.

When I say excess, I say a huge amount of products. My dears, we want a final-touch, not a total transformation. We can buy masks from a shop, but we can never buy beautiful skin.

Ok, but what are those negative effects again?

The acne is the most common one. Many girls choose to hide their acne with a lot of foundation. The chemicals from those products can actually hurt the skin.

If your skin has problems, you should let is breathe. It has to heal. After that, you can transform it as you want.

What’s the perfect age for starting to apply make-up?

Ok, let’s be honest. Each one of us has taken mom’s make-up kit and tried to show up with their qualities. It was just a silly childish game, after all.

Nowadays we tend to see on the Internet or on the streets, girls who are 11-14 and wear make-up. Nothing wrong here. They don’t know that those products have an effect. At their age, an SPF cream is all they need.

Will make-up transform you into an ugly witch?

How can we prevent our skin’s destruction, even though we love make-up?

We should wash our brushes and throw away that beauty blender. The foundation can be applied without it. Why exclude it? Because they become full of bacterias, thanks to the humidity.

Any make-up applicator must be washed after each use. they must be kept in a purse, away from bacterias.

How many times did you happen to forget to remove the make-up?

This may seem insignificant, but it can be really dangerous. Bacterias are invading our skin, filling the pores and creating blackheads. In many cases, the blackheads are the best-case scenario. Severe acne can occur, even though you have never had problems with your skin.

You must clean your skin in the morning and in the evening. Beings need air and so our skin needs to breathe in order to be perfect. There are many ways you can clean your skin.


Every skin type needs a special kind of make-up removal and each one needs cleaning. But don’t excessively clean your skin.

The skin contains some oils which protect it. It is really important to clean our skin accordingly. You must remove your make-up two times a day. Exclude those make-up remover tissues.

A good option is micellar water. After finishing the process, the pads must be white. After this type of removing the make-up, you should clean your face with normal water.

You know those dear toys we used to get from our parents when we were little? The face is an expensive gift and we should take care of it.

The routine should exist only in skin-care. If you want to know how to vanish the routine from your life, click HERE!

Make-up won’t ever destroy your face. You are the one that does it, if you don’t take care of your skin.




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