Why you should keep a dream journal


I think we can all agree that dreams can sometimes strongly dictate our moods or even our feelings toward a person. They occasionally have the power to affect us in real life, but they can also be just silly representations of our subconscious. As a person with very strange dreams, I would like to tell you a few reasons why I think you should also keep a dream journal.

  1. Memories

It’s always quite frustrating to wake up from an elaborate and fascinating dream and not remember most if any of it. We then spend half of the morning trying to remember what was happening, who was there, or really any detail. We even sometimes think about it during the day, while we are doing our everyday activities and something around us seems to spark a memory about it. And then spend more time trying to develop on that tiny detail, in hopes of getting a full image.

Keeping a dream journal could free us from this tiny, yet annoying “chore”.

  1. Meaning

Our subconscious works in mysterious ways. Sometimes our dreams are just senseless images, other times they can help us in real life. We tend to dream about what is on our mind the most. And though it might sound silly, dreams can aid us in making a decision They can show us how something would turn out or warn us against something. Of course, we are still free to decide whether we want to follow that path or not, but they are an interesting perspective to consider. For instance, there is the famous example of Mendeleev. He dreamt of the solution for his periodic table arrangement after a long period of being stuck on this problem. And that is the periodic table we know and use today in Chemistry.

The “solution-solving dreams” are the kind of dreams we usually tend to remember, as they seem to answer our real-life problems, but that’s not always a given. And this is when a dream journal could come in handy as well.

  1. Creativity

I’m sure most of us had or heard our friends, family, or acquaintances tell us they had the most bizarre, intricate, or even scary dream. Even though some stem, as I mentioned, from real-life problems, such as stress, we can’t say they are not incredibly creative. And I’m sure we’ve all told someone before that their dream should be turned into a movie or a book! And they could. Even though a dream is just a short idea, it could easily be developed on and made into a piece of art. If we could only remember them…

  1. Future-telling

We often dream of something we think of as absurd that ends up happening in real life. As weird as it may sound, they can sometimes be signs about what the future has in store for us. An idea even famous writers tried to point out. For example, some of you may have heard of Vladimir Nabokov’s “Insomniac Dreams: Experiments with Time”. The book is an experiment over 80 days in which the author tries to prove that time is reversible. So, a future event can be foretold to us in our dreams. He got this idea after he dreamt of the day and time of his father’s passing before the event happened.

Crazy, right? But we’ve all experienced it, more or less frequently, in our own life. So what is a dream journal is a key element to you being prepared for an event? Can’t hurt to try.

  1. Stories

As people, we love to tell others about the crazy things going on in our lives. Just as much as we love to share our insane dreams with them. These imaginary scenarios we create while we are asleep make joyous, funny, or even scary stories we can share with our friends. And they are always appreciated because of how incredible they are. They always manage to get a reaction out of people.

But because we tend to forget them, we can usually only tell them half the story or just pieces of the whole puzzle.

  1. Uniqueness

Yes, dreams can be repetitive, but for the most part, each of them is radically unique. If we could look back at our dreams from a few weeks, months, years ago we would realize how different they are. And how much they are affected by the things going on in our life. By writing them down, we can trace our own journey. Even if they aren’t inherently meaningful, it’s still impressive to note what our minds can create when we aren’t aware. As well as how many different scenarios it can come up with. Some of which we would never think about when we are awake.


I believe writing dreams down, either on paper or on our phones, is an experiment everyone should try. At least once in their lifetime. Or at least for a while. Given how many benefits they have, it would be an interesting reflection exercise, as well as a creative release. After all, they can’t be just senseless images our subconscious creates, can they?


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