Why the heck do we need psychotherapy


An individual’s life has issues of debatable importance, varying from case to case. In times less favorable to the human psychic, it is necessary to stop, for a moment, this constant pursuit of the future and to look carefully within us. Psychotherapy is all we need. 

If things are not in a good or satisfactory state, it would be best to turn to external sources, favorably specialized in such matters.

Best would be to a psychologist or psychiatrist.

 Of course, there are moments when the problem doesn’t have a very solid foundation, being rather a temporary one, of surface, that will “pass” by itself at a moment closer or on the contrary, located thousands of kilometers away from the present. A valid Universe law says that one complication is closely linked to another, which in turn is in contact with two or three others, to whom the individual tends not to pay too much attention, when, on the contrary, it was really useful to do it.


This is where psychotherapy enters the game.

Presented in several sentences, this procedure involves the interaction between the therapist and the patient, to help the latter in solving, the different present implications, such as emotional stress, improvement of the techniques of cooperation with anxiety, prevention, and control of depressive states.


Also, the psychotherapist manages to guide the client into discovering the right solutions for solving personal problems arising in different social environments: at work, at school, etc.

Of course, the most important advantage of psychotherapy is certainly the gradual change in the way of how people think and behave, a change that will occur after numerous sessions – or even after the first two, three.

The consequences of this would be increased productivity and self-satisfaction, including improving interpersonal relationships. The level of empathy – the quality of resonating with the feelings and mental states of others – will increase considerably, because with the deep understanding of one’s own, the acceptance of one’s peers comes naturally.

In Romania, psychotherapy is considered by many people to be ineffective or unimportant. Indeed, in the present times, the profession still ranks at the top of the list of “newborns” in the medical field, as if that’s not as widespread practice as in other European states, but the chances are pretty big, that psychotherapy will expand in the future.

This possibility has as a primary argument the lifestyle of the “age of technology”, which practically overwhelms the inner life of the individual, or rather, undermines the emotional balance, to a lesser or greater extent.

In all cases, the chances that come without being expected in the daily existence, the constant thought of creating a safe and prosperous future, the advancement in the professional hierarchy – all these, plus many others – cause emotional stress; it may not be visible now, but next to the passage of time, the pressure accumulated for four or five years, will slowly, but surely, lead to an imminent fall experienced by sober consequences, in the worst case, irreparable. The solution? Well, preventing such unfortunate situations is the key to maintaining the mental health of citizens.

Awareness of the problem – or problems – is the first step towards freedom.

In this way measures can be taken as quickly as possible, because otherwise the risk of living in a society in which stress becomes the prevailing state of mind and the infinite pursuit of thought towards the unknown boundaries of the future, turns into the passion of each one, will take increasing proportions. Which is tragic, because for the development of a country, implicitly of a nation, it requires lucid and calculated minds to make the right decisions; or in the situation mentioned later, this is not a viable alternative.

Therefore, psychotherapy plays a vital role in maintaining the spirit of people. In the case of our country, Romania, where this practice is still a novelty, we must look carefully at the direction in which society is headed. Otherwise, things will take a little while a new favorable turn at all. It is particularly important to try to prevent a mishap than to wait the moment of its unfolding.


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