Social Media Obsession


Social media is the most charismatic phenomenon in the contemporary world.With the invention of the cell phone and the internet, people have been exposed to many things never heard before. Nowadays some of us are behaving like zombies and smombies (smartphone zombies) when using our phones, which led to a social media obsession.


Social Media Obsession

So what are some of the pitfalls that you can experience related to social media?

  • Social Media OCD – The urge to constantly check social media for the latest updates can distract a person from the things they should be doing. Homework, chores, and relationships with others can suffer.
  • Simple Misinterpretation – A photo of friends that leaves one friend out doesn’t mean that the friendship is over. It is easy to hurt feelings and make the wrong assumption about something that could actually be harmless.
  • Romantic Drama – Break-ups are emotional events anyway; social media now makes this painful situation public. Viewing photos or reading comments about a former boy/girlfriend can be heartbreaking. Not only did the relationship end, now both people can see each other moving on or dating someone new.
  • Oversharing – What’s funny in the moment may not seem as amusing the next day or more importantly several years from now. One doesn’t have to look far to find someone who has lost a job or damaged relationships due to sharing too much online.

What is driving us? Anxiety or Pleasure?

The bottom line is that we are finding ourselves using technology for a variety of reasons ranging from anxiety to pleasure (positive attitudes). What does it all mean? It appears that people are using their technology either to gain some pleasure or to avoid anxiety about not knowing what is going on at every moment, on every electronic communication platform. This is a case of social media obsession.


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