Why Sighisoara is worth a visit any time of the year

Sighisoara is a lovely town in Transylvania that’s great to visit on a day trip or weekend away any time of the year.
Sighisoara is famous for being the only lived-in citadel in Europe, as well as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. However, I still feel it gets looked over by travellers due to its proximity to Brasov and Sibiu. If you ever want to see something different but still deeply rooted in Romanian history, this colourful town is the place to visit.

There is so much to see and explore.

Bring your best, comfiest walking shoes, because the cobbled streets of the citadel are perfect for wandering. You can start in Piata Cetatii (Citadel Square) and walk in any direction. There are no wrong choices, for every turn will reveal another row of colourful houses with windows full of potted plants, and the odd cat or two.
Among the colourful houses, pay attention to some that stand out. There is the Stag House, named after the stag head displayed on the exterior. The venetian house is another one to check off the list. It stands out due to the Italian-inspired architecture. And there is also Casa Vlad Dracul (Vlad Dracul House) that Dracula fans will especially love.
There are several spots that every tourist must see: the most important being the Clock Tower. A great spot for photos, it houses the history museum, where you will learn how the citadel came to be. At the top of the tower you will be rewarded with the loveliest panoramic view of Sighisoara. Make your way to the Covered Stairway which will lead you to the highest point in the citadel (and give you quite the workout). An alternative way of discovering the town’s history is to visit the guild towers around the walls of the citadel. The Ironsmiths’ Tower houses an art gallery that will help you dive into the
Sighisoara of old.

The food is great come rain or shine.

There are lots of lovely cafes dotted around the citadel that offer a much-needed refuge during the colder months as well as when it’s warm outside. Offer your feet a break and indulge in various sweet treats and delicious drinks. You definitely have to try “lichiu cu prune”, a traditional cake with custard and plums. Wash this down with a glass of fresh apple juice, another regional speciality. This is usually served chilled in the summer and as a warm cider during the colder months.
There is always something to do in Sighisoara, so bring a warm jumper if it’s cold outside, or a cool shirt if it’s sunny, and let yourself get lost in this historic town, filled with tradition and amazing food.



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