Why should you ride a longboard? – Some interesting tips


Maybe you’re not familiar with longboards. A longboard is usually a wooden deck that has metal trucks and wheels attached. You can use it to cruise around your local park, to pull off some sick tricks or even race your friends on slopes if you’ve got the necessary equipment and experience. Why you should ride a longboard? I will explain it to you and give you some interesting tips.

I love longboarding and I’ve been doing it for about 4 years. I have 2 boards that do their job very well and each one cost me under 100 bucks. I mostly ride them in my local park or on the smoother streets in my city and it feels great, especially when I have some friends to ride alongside me.

Here’s one of my longboards:

Why should you ride a longboard? - Some interesting tips

What are the advantages of longboarding?

  • Get moving. The longboard trains several groups of leg muscles, including the calf muscles and thighs, due to the effort of maintaining balance and pushing to ride. For example, I trained my calf muscles a lot.
  • Without pollution. Rather than going to school/work by car, you should try commuting by longboard instead of public transport. We all know just how bad pollution is, so it’s the perfect opportunity to help nature a little bit just by moving around on a wooden board with wheels.
  • Flexibility. It’s easy to use your longboard and then carry it on your side or even attached to a backpack that is made especially for longboarders (you can buy them in any skate shop, longboard shop or even sports shop). Because of this, carrying your longboard back home after a run won’t be a hassle at all. It’s smaller than a bike, so you can bring it with you while shopping for a refreshing drink.
  • New friends. Once you start longboarding, you may enter a small longboarding community in your hometown. You can meet new people, and some of them will even become your friends. The good news is that you will not get bored too easily at all, in the sense that you will always find new places to go to and who knows what cool hill or park you will discover.

If I didn’t convince you, here’s a cool thing:

I hope you enjoyed these tips. I wholeheartedly recommend a longboard and who knows, maybe send us pictures with your longboard after you buy it. I will write a special article only with longboards on Amazon that will come out soon. Stay on track and have a smooth road!


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