Why should programming be your next hobby during quarantine


I picked up programming in 2015, in my first year of high-school, but you can start coding as a hobby during quarantine. In Romania, all high-school students learn the basics of programming. At the baccalaureate exam, you can even choose programming as a subject to be examined in.

So why should you code?

There are many reasons you should start coding. Firstly, if you are inclined to problem-solving, you can learn how to solve difficult mathematics or logic problems with ease, with the help of a program. For example, the Four color theorem was proved with the help of a computer, as it was too difficult to be solved by hand.

Programming is sometimes challenging, and many people give up this hobby because they face problems that seem unsolvable, but because of the quarantine you have all the time you might need to solve problems. This also develops your creative and structured thinking, because you need to think outside the box in certain scenarios. 

Personally I have faced many challenges during my programming learning process. Many times I was nearing the edge of giving up. But every time I found a solution to a hard problem it felt so rewarding that I kept going.

Hobby or career?

Lastly, programming should not be just a hobby. Programmers are high in demand. The salaries are high. You have multiple career opportunities ahead of you, even if you know only the basics of programming. In these times, more and more jobs can be automated using programming, robots and artificial inteligence. Thus, you can have a back-up plan. Should your dream job be replaced by machines, you can be the one programming the machines!

So, do you like the idea of programming? There are many free professional coding tutorials online, here are a few:

  1. FreeCodeCamp is, as the name implies, a free code camp. You can learn different subjects in many programming languages, but it is focused on web development.
  2. The Odin Project is a free course centered on web development.
  3. The most helpful tool is YouTube, as it offers the most content, and usually the quality is really high.

If you are in quarantine, and you want a new hobby that will take a lot of time, but is very rewarding in the end: programming is for you. 


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