Philosophy – 3 reasons to save your life by reading

Kant's morality
Kant's morality

     Philosophy has been around since ancient times…literally.  But as humans became more and more interested in pragmatic ways to live, philosophy lost its high place in the hierarchy of values and subjects we are interested in and rather remained a subject that kids dodge in high school.

But that shouldn’t be the case and I will try to tell you why:


    1.  Philosophy makes you question things.

        One of the great subject philosophers like to contemplate on is the meaning of life and funny enough, it can make you more aware of the reason you are still alive, or of the reason you do certain things every single day. I think one of the best philosophers that will stimulate your whole brain into thinking about that is Albert Camus.

    2.  Philosophy helps you find layers to yourself


        By layers I mean that you might find opinions that you strongly agree with and that will eventually shape you as a human being. Here I think it is worth reading Jean- Paul Sartre and comparing him to Giovanni Picco della Mirandola. While Sartre talks about man without God, and how we have free will and full resposibility for our actions, Mirandola analyses how God shapes us and how we also have free will, but that is because God gave it to us.

   3.  It helps you become a better human


            I think humanity already settled that moral values are a key element to being a good person on Earth, but it is important to know why we should be moral, why we mustn’t steal, lie, cheat. The only way we can firmly believe these things is by convincing ourselves of them. This means that we need to read and become aware of what it is that we want to improve.

      Regarding morality, I think Kant is definitely one of the most notorious philosophers out there that wrote about what is moral and, essentially, how we can find out if something is right or not. He reasons that something is ethical only if we want everyone to do it. Therefore, if I want to steal from somebody, I should expect and want everyone to steal and be okay with that.

       That being said, I really think philosophy should become part of everybody’s lives as it shapes our entire identity.

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