Why prospective students are scared when they are starting university

Going away for university is a hard move no matter if you go to another city or another country. Prospective students are having a very hard time doing that. Why?

1. They are leaving every place they know behind.

The park where they learnt how to swing, the garden where they scratched their knees, the restaurant where they had their first date, the street where they learnt how to ride a bike , the house where they were born and raised which was a silent witness to how they became what they are today.

2. They need to make new friends,and maybe forget about the old ones.

When you are moving in a new city or country, you need to adapt to a very different way of life . You meet new people, and there is no guarantee that you will keep in touch with the old ones. This is a very heartbreaking thought . Maybe there were childhood friends, or even a special someone that they leave behind. How can someone dive into the unknown with an open heart and no strings attached?

3. New university, new life.

During a considerable long period of their life, they had the same teachers, and they got used to their way of teaching and giving homework. They had various different objects to learn for , and now they have less and in the field they chose to study. This is a big change too. It just takes time to adjust to the way the university looks like and how to navigate it in case of the face-to-face classes.
The conclusion? Cut the freshers some slack. They need to adapt to the changes they are facing, and to be able to give all of them to chase a goal. They will get to it. It is never easy for someone to leave the past behind.


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