Why Pedro Almodóvar’s films have excited us

The talent to tell stories on the screen brought the great Spanish director, Pedro Almodóvar, international recognition. His films are famous. The topics approached by Pedro Almodóvar are uncomfortable; He talks about the issues of the contemporary society such as the world of homosexuals, transvestites, drugs. His characters live their lives with passion. They experience love and hate, desire and disappointment, envy and jealousy.
Pedro Almodovar

The Skin I Live In

Presenting outrageous situations and characters, Pedro Almodóvar has the tendency to shock audiencesOne such film is The skin I live in , released in 2011. I selected it, on the one hand, because it is a psychological thriller. On the other hand, the film contains an element of science fiction. This element frightens the viewers. Antonio Banderas  played in the main role.

The skin I live in

Robert Ledgard and the abuse of power

The action takes place in 2012 in Toledo. The main character, Robert Ledgard, is a surgeon. Ever since his wife was burned in a car accident, the doctor has been obsessed with creating fire-resistant artificial skin. He presents his results to his colleagues, but claims that he tested only on mice. The doctor impresses us, we perceive him as a scientist who fights for people’s lives.

But the truth is different. In the course of the story, we learn that the doctor is crazy, that he violates ethical and moral rules. Dr. Ledgard commits serious crimes. In his laboratory he holds captive a young woman, Vera Cruz, whom he uses as a guinea pig. From the flashbacks presented in the film, we realize that Dr. Robert Ledgard can be compared to Victor Frankenstein, the character of the writer Mary Shelley.

Vicente, a prisoner in a woman’s body

Robert Ledgard believes his daughter committed suicide because of Vincent. He kidnaps the young man and uses him as a guinea pig for his experiences. Without Vicente’s consent, he subjects him to a sex change operation. Then he implants the artificial skin he created. The victim’s face is shaped to be like the face of Gal, the dead wife. Thus the doctor creates a hybrid: Vincent imprisoned in the body of a woman, Vera.

One of the main themes of the film is sexual identity. Pedro Almodóvar draws our attention to the difference between sex and identity. The Spanish director explains in an interview that:

” The doctor in the film operates the most atrocious changes on someone’s body. But in doing so he never touches what you might call the inner soul, the inner spirit, what makes us truly human. “


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