3 reasons why living in the capital of Romania is OUTSTANDING

the capital of Romania
Living in Romania is maybe one of the countless blessings that life has bestowed upon me. However, I have only lived in the capital of Romania one year, and I have slowly – but surely – come to love it more than words can say. The capital, Bucharest, is both famous for its emblematic architectural style that seems to be a reminiscation of Paris in Belle Epoque, and infamous for its (rather numerous) unbecomings. I am one of those people that strongly chose to overlook the bad parts and throughoutly enjoy the good. So here are 3 amazing reasons why Bucharest is an amazing place to live in.

1. The beauty of it

Many things can be said about Bucharest, but when you walk around in the Old City or the Victoria Square, you can’t help but fall in love with it. The buildings are pure works of art, with their intricate details that are simply a joy to the eye. You can almost feel like you are part of a fairytale, so it is no wonder so many Hallmark romantic movies were shot here. There is something almost unearthly in watching a sunset in the IOR Park while laying on your back in the warm grass.

3 reasons why living in the capital of Romania is OUTSTANDING

I sometimes feel like I can drown in the beauty of this city, but each time I gloriously make it to the shore, I can only wish to swim again in its wondrous waves.

2. The delicious food from the capital of Romania

Living in 2 other cities in my country, and traveling around, I got to taste a lot of local foods so I can compare it. There is no better food you can find in Romania than the one you find in Bucharest.

Whether we are talking pizza or fancy food, the capital of Romania is by far the best place where you can eat your favorite meal. While the prices may be higher than in some other cities, I would say you can find great cheap good if you know where to look for, with a much better taste than any other place in the country. The foodie in me is obviously delighted.

3. The various amount of things you can do in your free time

Because this city is so big and glamorous, the multitude of activities that you can do in your free time is outstanding. If you can think of a fun activity, you can probably find a place to do it in Bucharest. From simple things, such as taking a walk in the park in the beautiful weather of Autumn, to intricate ones such as visiting The Museum of Senses, there is really no end to the variety of activities you can do in the capital of Romania.

This fact not only does it make it the perfect place where you can live, but it also makes it a perfect touristic spot for those that want to enjoy its glory and bask in its beauty.

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