Why I love ”Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen


Recently, I had the pleasure to watch the movie ”Pride and Prejudice” (the version from 2005). It is inspired by the book with the same name, by Jane Austen, published in 1813. Since then, many things have changed drastically, economically, and socially speaking, so I am going to touch upon these topics, and why I loved the movie.

The book and the movies

After I watched the movie, I was so impressed that I started reading the book. There are many versions of this book transposed in movies, so you have to expect some differences when comparing these two. Until now, I have noticed that many details from the book are ignored or transformed, but the dialogue is almost the same (spoiler, I apologize). While being used to a more easy kind of literature, I found it very hard to read the book, and I must say that it will take a while. But the good part is that this kind of writing is getting in my mind, and now I love writing all these fancy words!

How important was money

Again, spoiler alert. But as you know, money is important even now, and it was forever. In this book, money was the only chance for the girls to survive, and here we talk about someone else’s money, their husbands. Because in those days, the financial business was organized differently; as you wouldn’t really have anything silly to spend the money on (like fidget spinners), so the land was one of the most important things to have. 

By the time this book was published, the Industrial Revolution had already changed the economy, but the book doesn’t say if things were already industrialized, because we only see the rich, for the Bennet family could afford servants. But sometimes we see the girls making their own ribbons, and that is exactly one of the main industries that were changed after the book was written.

Why I love all this

Studying the rich is always interesting. Comparing to these days, there are not many differences in how the rich were perceived, but in how we are using our money in society. Nowadays, no one goes to a ball to socialize in order to find a rich husband or a beautiful wife. I like to believe that we are beyond that ignorance, but the money we owe is still placing us on a social level. 

As people who, by the time Jane Austen was writing this book, inherited their parents’ money were considered to be on a superior level, this day, this kind of people are considered just lucky, and no one will ever praise rich people as they did in the 18th century.

I would like to conclude by saying that it’s a lot to talk about in this book. Economically speaking, the rich ones in the book would not be that fortunate living in today’s society with their fortune converted. That’s why I love this book; the author is not afraid to accentuate these differences or the way they change how people are acting. It is a very beautiful book, and for the ones that are romantic, don’t worry, you have your own parts to enjoy in ”Pride and Prejudice”.


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