Why do you stay in that toxic relationship?

toxic relationship
toxic relationship

Most of us end up in toxic relationships because we do not support our point of view, when we should and we do not have the courage to talk about what doesnt work anymore. We let everything go as it is, just because we are too afraind of losing someone. How much longer will ignorance, disrespect and loneliness be a part of your life? Why do you choose to stay in a toxic relationship?

At some point you need to put some healthy barriers between you and him. You are the only one responsible for your emotional health cause actually no one else cares. 

Many women and even men have gone through such toxic, love, family, or friendship relationships. People like this attach themselves like stumps to the joints of your feet and then invite you to swim in their poisoned waters.

I am in the 2nd year of college, I have traveled quite a lot and I have seen people, couples, who were more alien than the sun and the moon. I can even say that I lived my childhood near these patterns of loneliness. Couples that don’t have to be couples, people who are simply not people next to each other, but they are happy separated.

toxic relationship

“I want to have the weight of the world on my shoulders “

You want to do that, but something is holding you back. Then, you try to figure out what, but you don’t notice. You drown in your own despair and expect everything to be okay, but in the end you get to say, “No, its not gonna be alright!”. Only in that moment you will start the biggest change of your life. But you have a long way to go, it will a road that will seem to have no finish line. But you gotta hope, because it will be all over. Stop stagnating in these toxic relationships.

“I love you,” he tells you daily.

“But there is a problem about you ” … You start to believe everything you hear, you start to hear everything, you hear how your life keeps getting worse, but you don’t know why. You only hear sharp sounds that are about to change your life, but you seem to hear nothing because of this toxic relationship that consumed you little by little.

Now you just stop seeing …


You see no future, you only see black and white but you do not like black, you want colors, a continuous harmony of colors, but this “love” only gives you darkness. And yet, you do nothing. Why?

Maybe because you haven’t realised so far, but you are toxic.

You and him, together … Separate who knows, maybe not, but “you two” has become a word associated with sadness, loneliness and obviously not love.


If you haven’t left here the page yet I can tell you a sincere “thank you”!

toxic relationship

Thank you for wanting to change your life and first of all thank you for wanting to “get rid” of a long-lost “us”.

How do you realize you are in a toxic relationship?

Think about when was the last moment you were happy with him. What changed radically that day? What made you so unhappy or better said, who and why?


You always do something wrong, you are always shown to have been wrong about the open subject, you have always stepped on a broken glass or you forgot to wash the dishes.

How could you forget to wash the dishes?

You forgot, you forgot because you weren’t seen for long. You were no longer appreciated and you wanted to see that. In the meantime you have forgotten something: that “bad” things are seen more easily. Then you  tried to get his attention through this, but that led to insecurities and unfortunately it didn’t lead to peace.


You want to put an end to loneliness, insecurities and insults, but you’re still not 100% convinced, you have years of lies behind you. You have some security behind you and you are satisfied with that. You’re in your comfort zone and you think it’s okay to stay the night and cry alone. He feeds on your sadness, he does not see everything you have done for him, he sees only what you didnt.


You are tired. You have consumed far too much. But you got to get bored, a morbid monotony intervened. You got to go through the hours without doing something constructive, without wanting to develop yourself.


Generally his mistakes are yours. No matter what he does, he verbally, physically and mentally assaults you, from his point of view you are the cause of the reactions he has. Such people have the oratorical talent to convince you that they are always right. As a result, you feel guilty, you don’t see the true character of the person near you, what a monster he is, so you stay close to him.

You stagnate in ignorance. Why do you choose to stay in a toxic relationship?

As the day goes by, you become more and more lonely, you become lonely in two. You just want someone to teach you what is good and what is bad, but what you forget is that you can be a successful woman by yourself.


Remember that there are more people on Earth. Don’t just listen to his stories about how hard his or your life is, how impossible it is to live in this world. Don’t monopolize yourself.


It’s always to everyone’s liking, but never on the same wavelength as you.


When you go out for a romantic dinner, a juice, see yourself with friends or just stay with family, he is raised in glory, he is seen as a god in your social groups, he does not show up with the outside world, he is relaxed , polite and even funny, but when you get to be just the two of you, there is a soft, unwavering silence.


Learn that it is not wrong to speak!


I know, you have often tried to repair something that was already broken. You wanted to talk about your feelings, what’s wrong, what’s wrong. You got to be banished and quickly cornered because you can’t open such a disturbing topic when he’s tired or too happy. After all, who are you to ruin human happiness?

You feel that you are no longer safe.

You are afraid to say one thing as small as you can. Why? Because you do not want your opinion to be thrown away. Yes, you do not want to be a man of nothing. So shut up and tell yourself that next time it will attract his attention, but we know that this will not happen. You’re afraid and no, there won’t be a date next time.

Fear, why?

You’re afraid to leave that toxic relationship. 

Not because it could hurt you, this is your last problem now. It’s just the fact that you have come to believe that you are not good to anyone, that only he will love you, appreciate you. You’ve come to think it’s going to change, but tell me, has anything ever changed?


No my dear! It’s not going to change. You won’t do it as long as you stagnate in lies and ignorance. You are not alone, do not forget that you have people around you ready to help you, to support you. Call us, the people around you and fly, fly to happiness because the world is full of it and waiting for you.

Fortunately, the reality is different, any verbal, physical, sexual abuse is an abuse!

If you have come to take advantage of a weaker person than you, it means that you want to dominate it, that everything has to be done just for you.


He apologizes for your actions (“you annoyed me”, “I was too jealous”). He does not see when he is wrong and all you do is hope that it will change, but that will never happen.


There are many couples who go through such difficulties as losing a child. Many have problems with alcohol or drug use. As long as there is support and everyone takes responsibility for what they have done, there is a chance to return to a normal relationship. The denial of your own mistakes is the consequence of isolation and makes you feel victim when you are the aggressor.

Cry, sing, dance, play sports and eat as much ice cream as you want!

He learns that “love is not just a smile, it is not just a flower. Love is a wounded soul and then healed by another. ” So, come back, why do you choose to stay in a toxic relationship?


It hurts, sometimes you need an extremely strong shock …

“The last goodbye, in love, is the one that isnt said”



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