5 Easy Diet Alternatives That Will Blow Your Mind




We’ve all heard it: “Eat this, do not eat that, and don’t ever, under any circumstances eat after 6PM!!”

Right? – Well, it’s not real, none of it is. As complicated as diet-gurus often make it seem, taking care of your body is easier than you might be thinking.

This article will focus on the main reasons why these so-called “diets” are not working for you, and will also show you alternatives.

Sleep quality

Your diet, or better put, caloric deficit, can be affected by the lack of sleep or overall ineffective sleeping time intervals.

Although many say that 6 to 7 hours will assure the needed energy for a day’s work, recent studies show that even if the number of hours of sleep is correct and even if you are on a diet, one may still feel fatigued and tired because of the hour they got to sleep.

Many of us spend more time on social-media than they would care to admit. That contributes not only to lost time of one’s life, but also prevents the average person from being aware of the number of hours they have been using the phone for, thus resulting in an imbalance of the awareness of time, which can also contribute to why your system finds it harder the day after to process the food you are about to feed it, even if it’s diet food or not.

Doctors recommend anywhere from 8 to 10 PM as the average “going to sleep” hour, which not only lets you wake up the next day fresh, but also lets you even push it a few more hours and wake up even earlier than you would normally expect.


This may be the most important aspect when following a diet. People often find it hard to calculate, and let alone be aware of how many calories they consume daily. Although doctors recommend 2000 calories for the average person, one may go a few calories over the advised limit, and that shows in time, slowly gaining weight and not knowing why.

An easy fix to that is the power of technology, better put the apps that are currently available. Not only they can calculate the number of calories consumed based on the quantity of the certain food (grams), but can also make a personalized plan for every person and help them lose weight by telling people the exact number of calories to lose weight in a certain amount of time.

Diet-specific dish


One of the many reasons why teenagers find it hard to maintain a normal weight, let alone be on a strict diet, is the fact that hunger is no longer the main reason one eats, but rather boredom.

I guarantee that everyone, at least once, ate without actually being aware of the calories they consume, and even ate without feeling any sense of hunger.

Our system permanently searches for a way to please itself, and when boredom intervenes, it’s almost instant that your tastebuds self-activate and you find yourself glancing at what delicacy you could eat from your refrigerator.

This is one of the biggest, if not the biggest reason on why we, as teenagers, and not only, get fat.


Stress is well-known for affecting a lot of aspects of our daily lives. But what if I told you that it can also prevent you from losing weight, and more than that, it can make you put on a few unwanted pounds.

Yes, that is right. Backed up by recent studies, it shows that even if the calorie-intake amounts are respected, one may still gain weight. That is caused by the levels of cortisol, a hormone of which presence in body is vastly stimulated by stress.

Doctors advise us not only to change our lifestyle into a calmer one, but also, they recommend finding a hobby that implies physical activity. Every cardio type of exercise is welcomed.

Quitting smoking

Smoking, as bad as every doctor describes it, can be slightly beneficial when one chooses to lose weight. The only positive aspect of this vice is the fact that it cuts out the appetite and one’s desire to eat, thus losing weight.

Unfortunately, when someone decides to remove this dangerous habit from his/her life gains weight. Not only the metabolism slows down, but all of the functions suffer an imbalance due to the fact that you just quit a habit, as bad as it is, from your body that was used to it.

This change does not last, though, so good news guys: you can still do it, with or without a diet.


Do not let yourself get discouraged from any negative source that tells you that you can’t do it. If there’s a will, there’s a way. I am confident that all of my fellow readers will someday reach their goals, including weight loss, for the ones that have this on their bucket list. The best diet that one could take is being happy with their body.







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