Why are Labradors the best dogs!


From the moment you decide to adopt a dog, the first thing that comes to your mind is, for sure, to have a loyal pet, to play with and, of course, to be adorable. As all people are different, so are the Labrador dogs. Although each one is unique, there are still many aspects where they are the same. There are those aspects of his personality, along with his soft appearance, that won our hearts. These are the reasons that demonstrate a labrador is the best pet you will ever have in your life: 

They are one of the most recommended dogs to raise within a family

One of the most important reasons for which to have a labrador is that they always try to do what we like. Dogs can learn to socialize ever since they are puppies and they can adapt in every familial pattern or home that they are placed in. They are friendly with every person, even if it is or not their owner. 

It is impossible to find a dog more adorable than the labrador.

You may have had the worst day of your life, but the moment you see a Labrador puppy, you’ll forget about problems and regain your good mood. At first, it will be difficult for you to separate yourself from your puppy, because, from everything he does, from sleeping on your slippers to the simple way that his little tail will move, everything will seem to you so adorable!

They are very loyal

Labradors are the most loyal breed of dogs you’ll ever meet. If you are the owner of a Labrador, then it is time to find out that you have made a life-long friend. Your dog will stay with you for the rest of his life and will protect you regardless of the situation. This is also the reason why dogs raised in the street will be with the street people who adopted them and will never leave them.

They are as soft as babies

If you have children, you will find that it is good to have a Labrador. They are sociable and caring; and if they are raised near children, it is known that they know how to take care of them, surprisingly well. Their instinct will make them protect, love and play with people smaller than themselves. But of course, like any other pet, you should not leave children without your careful supervision.

They are ALWAYS happy to see you

The happiest moment of the day for a Labrador is when he is in the company of his master. They really like to sit in their master’s arms, even when their size no longer allows them a comfortable position. Even so, they will try to stay as close to you as possible.

They ar so easy (and fun) to train!

Being intelligent and good listeners at the same time, Labradors are an easy race to train. If I receive the necessary attention, they will train very quickly, being able to execute orders more complex than the classic “sit down”, “give up” or “roll” in a short time.

They are gentle with other animals

Not only do we people think it’s good to have a Labrador, but your other animals will be delighted. As long as you pay attention to their presentation, it is incredibly easy to convince a Labrador to accept another adult dog in the house. Also, when they realize that they are your property, they will not attack the birds, cats, rodents or other animals you own.

They absolutely adore the walks

Labradors are a breed that is characterized by an endless supply of energy. No matter how long you walk together, a Labrador can follow you as needed. If you are adept at jogging or walking of any kind, there is no better dog for you than a Labrador. Just remember to take a break so you don’t get tired. Their enthusiasm does not allow them to know when to stop.

They do not need much aesthetic care

The fur of the Labradors is short, gives them heat and is waterproof. Other than combing them 2-3 times a day so you don’t leave hair in the house, you don’t have much to do with them. Of course, if you don’t have a hose, you have to buy one, because Labradors really like to play in the mud!

A Labrador would be your best friend, forever and ever!

If you are the owner of a Labrador, you will never be alone! Even if you are single, or your partner works late, or you have to travel to another country, you will always have some company. The presence of a true friend in the house will make you feel more relaxed. You can even tell her everything, it’s reliable!

Authors:  Bontaş Gina, Dragotă Mărioara


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