Why are boys scared as hell to dance with girls?


I’m constantly wondered lately by a thing of colossal importance mentioned in the title, Iike dancing with boys. I know, I know… There are other things to focus on now. Especially if you’re a 12 grader and your finals overwhelm you that you cannot hide if them. So, why are boys scared as hell to dance with girls?

However, as you will make a move, you’ll wide open situations like that. Why do boys are scared as hell to dance with girls? Well… we don’t know! Better gentlemen should tell us what’s about with their lady emotions. Even though they strongly affirm their manhood since their voice changes.

Have you ever asked yourself why boys don’t have initiative? Let’s say, for example, a party or a ball.  No matter how many headbangs at a concert rock you could plan; and how much could you dance on country, there’s always that slow song. Or maybe more.

Yo’, just look at the gentlemen reacting then like all the Nostradamus prophecies about the end of the world would become true. You see them sweating and step back. They withdraw in a corner, swallow their tongue like they are sentenced to death.

The 21 century’s ultimate punishment became, as you see, dance. That waltz that forces you to get out and smoke, just to not be supposed to be into that embarrassing situation, in front of your friends that are just as cool and masculine as you.

So, if boys stay to look at the ceiling, at their phones or run with the flock for a cigarette, girls should just sight or maybe hum the same songs over and over again, hoping that somebody has the courage…

Sounds familiar to you?

There is no bond between youths anymore. However, gentlemen have the same reply: why do we need romance? Well, you can’t even have the guts to say that nowadays girls don’t know how to appreciate, they are materialists, unreliable, etc.

Do you know what girls need? Your initiative!

For me, it seems embarrassing to call the boys for a dance. That’s why boys exist, isn’t it? Or maybe the roles have swapped in society once with this gender war? Waiting to be called for a dance by girls? You don’t say.

That manly appearance that guys had once is gone. I don’t wanna criticize things such as style. But sweating and checking your pocket for a cigarette when a waltz begins, it’s absolutely embarrassing.

Let’s give you an example: 12th-grade ball. I’ve had it in autumn. Everything’s fine, festive, elegant, you know. Then came a slow song. There were a few couples. Some teachers and… they. What my eyes have seen! About 4 couples of boys have taken their hands and started to dance. On a song alike. That was clearly a waltz, bros. I can say that the teachers were shocked, even dumbfound.

Everybody died from laughter. You are not privileged to see this every day. What had the boys done actually? Because they were too shy to talk to a girl and invite her to dance. So they have taken the hands of bench mates. This is so romantic. I wanna apologize to my readers if there was a gay couple. Who am I do put myself in the way of love?

After all, I know certainly that someone’s girlfriend, from a nearby table, has waited and waited for her BF to take her to dance. When she saw that it won’t happen, she grabbed her best friend’s hand and went to the bathroom. Like girls. What, is it not allowed for them?

Overall, this situation is not that pleasant, but you should feel lucky, because there are girls that are never invited to dance. If it interests you, you should check this article here!

Certainly is that it left with tears and sighs.

I mean really? You came with your girl at the ball and you dance the waltz with your benchmark? We’re living cool times, brothers.

Well, what did I write here is neither hate or frustration. ‘Cause I knew how to be surrounded by nice people that acted exemplary with me. Even when I’d chosen my boy friends,

I say my points of view and I’m doing it without any fear of upsetting someone.

Gentlemen, to deserve this statute you must rise to its level. At least, it doesn’t matter if you are a good dancer or not, if this is what scares you.

I assure you that a woman will appreciate it so much, even though you are swinging her when you grab her waist… Instead of searching for the first emergency exit you see. Gestures dude, gestures! These make the difference between everything in our lives. I wanna leave you a tip. This is how we girls chose boys, by attitude and guts. You know what should you do now, don’t you?



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