When you miss someone crazily

you miss something
you miss something

Isn’t it strange how you can miss someone, but you wouldn’t go back to them because the break-up would be too painful? As we say, when we’re crushed by grief, we’d be happy with even the smallest sample which would fill our emptiness. But when we get that sample, the gap from our soul looks like a bottomless pit and it feels like you miss someone. And the more it fills the more the edges seem to be untouchable. And then, when your affection reservoir is fading away, it’s harder than before.

Most of us suffered at least once because of a breakup. They can happen because of a multitude of reasons, so we wrote 12 stupid reasons to end a relationship. If you to read, then you should check this article!

However, sometimes it’s wonderful to feel longing… Because of the realization that someone will give you unconditional happiness is real. It’s somehow, a sense of security.

First day in Croatia

It was mid-July. We arrived without being sure if we have accommodation for that night or not. Promising start. We arrive, by mere chance, to a terrace. More or less. I was with our luggage, dehydrated, with a nutritional deficiency just as bad. Not to mention starving. But we don’t know if we could ever find that man anything but spontaneous.

A middle-aged man, dark-skinned, hiding his eyes behind smokey sunglasses. He had a Cuban air that avenges his oppression with cigars. An endearingly broken English, complemented by a childish enthusiasm transposed into gestures. His joy and kindness seemed little beyond promoting a business.

We spent every late afternoon there. Around the third day he started to shake our hands ( well, both hands), murmuring (probably hoping to find the words he didn’t know): “Thank you, thank you very much, lady, welcome back sir, thank you.”. He would lead us every time up to the table with high chairs and lanterns in the corner behind the terrace.

The place where the sea was best heard

I couldn’t see, but I could hear it. More beautiful than all the frequencies of the speakers suspended on beams. The man moved away then, he kept moving away until the last day, smiling broadly, depriving me of the slightly inexplicable desire to see them, at least once his eyes.

If you are still not convinced that the sea is the perfect destination for a dream vacation, here you’ll find the best reasons.

I agree that the sand wasn’t the same with the sand I grew up with. In fact, it wasn’t even sand. There were stones. And the sea fondled those stones as it did with the sand. And I thought why not have the right to freedom? So I took off my sneakers and socks with Magic Unicorns that I slept within the summer.

At first, I had my doubts about this place

Is this the warehouse from which I will supply that room of my soul that becomes an abandoned closet over the year? But the waves hit me and the foam washed over me, and they hugged me up to my neck to show me that I can’t postpone the welcome, just to crave the shore, philosophizing on what I think happiness is. Too often I forget what is useless. The sea reminds me again, it brings me a disturbing longing. As I notice that no excuses work anymore, I leave my damn hand (for lack of a better word), our wandering to nowhere (which should, in fact, amplify my desire to live in the moment), and throw everything to the infinity. Nothing else matters. I’m fulfilled.

I concluded that the only thing that made me doubt that were the people. If I know that I need privacy sometimes, those moments coincide, most often, with seeing it back.

Author: Gabriela Luigia Sterie



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