When love breeds monsters


There are things in life that make you think why didn’t you invest more time in them. Things like grades, love, talents, dreams, feelings… People. These things make you ask yourself if something would have been different if you payed more attention to them. They loved each other, but at the same time couldn’t be in the same place for more than 10 minutes because they would start arguing. As deep as that love feeling was, just as much they would hurt each other. They would always try to reach common ground, but they would never invest time and patience so that they would be on the same frequency. And they couldn’t invest time in what resembled “them” as a whole. So… love breeds monsters?

At some point, they took different roads because they weren’t capable of investing time in them. So, one became the monster under the bed… while the other became the monster from the closet. They were so close to each other, and yet, they haunted through different places, they were so close to each other, but after each night that passed, they would move away from themselves more and more. They weren’t sharing the same darkness anymore, the same bed, nothing, except for the air. Wherever they were, they still breathed the same air.

It hurt them incredibly much and it made them hope that one day, one of them would give a sign because they couldn’t invest time in themselves, but they surely invested time in building an ego. Neither of them wanted to hurt the other, but they were hurting themselves and so they ended up living for pain.

They forcefully erased the moments when they were happy and everything they remembered of what it was, were the moments when hate flowed through their veins.

After some time, the monster under the bed packed its bags and left. The monster in the closet felt how its heart was breaking in half. It left far away and didn’t seem to be coming back any time soon. The moment it left, felt like a cold shower for the monster in the closet. It stayed, it pondered the situation, it cried… until it decided to give it another chance. To give them a chance. The monster under the bed was joyful, they ended up understanding each other, making compromises. The only problem was that they were so far away from each other, and it didn’t know when it would come back.

The monster in the closet endured for a long time, waiting for its return, and was happy for a while. The longing seemed to make them grow fonder, each tear that was flowing down their cheek was a statement of solidarity for one another.

They had patience, hoping that one day everything would be just fine.

That they would be in each other’s arms, they were involved, indeed, more than that, they were investing time in one another. However, the problem was that they didn’t invest it the right way. It wasn’t live, it was an investment made from thousands of kilometers away. It hurt like hell. They knew the day when they would see each other again would come, when they would get tangled into a long hug and sparks would come out of a kiss. A lasting kiss. They were eager for the day when they would tell to one another how much they love each other, while they physically feel one another.

The monster under the bed was soon to be back. They were happy. Ecstatic. Finally, the moment of their reunion had come. Suddenly something had changed, something broke, the connection they had started to lose the signal. Exactly when it was on the brink of coming back, they started arguing again, reaching hasty conclusions and force time. They couldn’t invest in anything, they couldn’t calm down, they could achieve nothing of what they agreed on. It came back, but it got back under the bed. The monster in the closet didn’t even try to pull it out ever again and went straight back into the closet.

Their story won’t ever reach an end, it will endlessly be an unfinished chapter.

However, what would have happened if the two monsters would’ve joined forces? Disaster. The bed monster continued haunting under the bed, and the other one cried in the closet. A sad and depressive future awaits them, full of loneliness and no chance for them to unite their forces. They haunt different places now, trying to find each other. Sometimes, they meet again and they continue arguing, even if they still love each other. A love that will never be fulfilled, being condemned to a future of solitude, only because they didn’t invest in their happiness.

Invest in everything that makes you happy, everything that gives you hope. Invest heart and soul to taste the happiness of life without being forced to haunt alone in different places.

Author: Balan Patricia-Ioana

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