When “good enough” is perfect

good enough

Last night I broke a precious thing. I’ve had it only for a few hours. I broke it out of negligence. It happens! I was impatient and full of anticipation. After it happened, I had a feeling of regret and flee. Today I realized that before I had it, I had attached myself to its idea and its aesthetic value that I had exacerbated it until then. It was perfect. But my “good enough” treatment wasn’t good enough this time. And that’s where I wanted to get. So… When is good enough perfect? 

People’s life is a sum of actions and attitudes towards the exterior. Usually they are done well or well-intentioned. Few people want to make things worse. So we alternate between doing something “good enough” and perfect. The ones that do things in one way only are either superficials or perfectionists.

But how do we know when to choose the right attitude?

It depends if you are pragmatic or idealist. But our attitude defines us that way, or is it the way we define ourselves that determines our attitude? In other words, are we the result of what we are doing or what we are doing is the result of who we are? I don’t like to define myself. For me, to define is to limit. So, my actions become my prison or the only way of expressing my liberty. Because just them, actions and attitude towards the exterior, can oscillate between “good enough” and “perfect”. And I think that each one of them deserves a special chapter. Until then, look at how both aspects reflect over my life, in different situations. First of all over my writing.

Writing distills both of my attitudes.

I realize that periods when I don’t write are periods under the perfection empire, having the impression that only the clear things deserve people’s attention and the privilege of posterity. But look, perfection does not produce. Imperfection is creation! Furthermore, we have the habit of reviewing with a critical spirit, what we wrote two, three or even more years ago. Such a bad habit! Being my most exigent critic, sometimes I am embarrassed by the impertinence of what I’ve wrote a few years ago  – this sensation being a positive sign, though, that I’ve accumulated experience over time. However, when would I have the sufficient clarity and pertinence to write? Over a few years? Towards what objective landmarks? What writing should I compare myself to?

When are my works “good enough”?

The answer is simple and encouraging: there is no answer to this question! Any creative exercise has its own time. It doesn’t need any standard. Furthermore, like in every occupation, practice leads to perfection. Also, there is no such thing as “too early to write”. These are my conclusions and my inputs for those who want to share their thoughts: write today! Transform your perfectly wasted day, to one “good enough” to be added to your experience string…

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