Whatever may happen, rise. You’re free!


You’re in a concrete room, that’s cold, wet, and full of heavy air. You can’t stretch your legs when you attempt sitting. Whatever may happen, rise. You’re free!

You touch the walls. Straightaway, you gloss your hand over them and feel the cold air. The blizzard from outside, the freezing cold that’s about to destroy you if you think about leaving.

You’re standing directly on the ground, frozen mud beneath your feet. You start shaking, your breath is getting hotter and hotter due to your high pulse and your rapid heart rate. That’s where the end is? Where you remain and nobody is going to save you? That’s where you’ll die? Do you give up? No. Why give up so easily? Why don’t you try? You kneel down and push against the walls with all your strength using the palm of your hands. Soon, you realize it’s impossible. You just can’t – you tell yourself. Without delay, you rise back up and gloss your frozen hands through your coarse hair, rubbing your eyes and uniting your hands around your body. Your being cries. Heavily.

Who is there to hear you? Who is there to find out that you’re ill? You scream.

So loud that you feel the vibration of your own vocal cords. You scream and kick the concrete wall. You can’t just die like that – you tell yourself. Your fingernails start thrusting into the wall. It hurts while your hands are frozen. You scratch the wall with the tip of your fingernails. It’s certainly horrifyingly hard and painful. You scratch and drag your fingers across the surface of the wall, and the first drop of blood lets out. Staring at it, you realize that you’re living. You realize that you’re human, a soul, a conscience. Consequently, an impulse makes you drag your finger across the wall with all your power, coloring it blood red. You wipe the blood on your clothes, wipe your face and tarnish yourself. Your fingernails break, and lots of skin pieces and blood, stain the concrete wall. Despite that, you don’t stop. Don’t stop at all.

You want out. You want life.

Eventually, you end up dipping yourself in a pool of blood and tears. Hysterically, you pull with all your strength and tear away pieces of wall everywhere. The cold freezes your hands even more. You undress, wiping your blood indifferently and continue desperately. You kick and tear using your hands, larger and larger pieces. Eventually, your pupils dilate and you’re not aware that you’re cold anymore, that you’re losing blood and you’re half-naked. You long for the liberty beyond the wall.

Success. You finally succeed.

You’re free. You feel the fresh and cold air, you feel the blizzard that slowly starts conquering the room. There’s a light. A little small light. Now, you hit with extraordinary power and thus the whole wall collapses. The freeze surrounds you, snowflakes settling down on your wounds and body. On your hair as well as your shoulders, and on your chest. For a few minutes, you look around. You look at the white trees that were looking at you all that time. Equally, you’re looking at the snow that was all around you. In the end, you collapse.

Full of blood, dust, trembling with cold and tired. You sit on the snow, squeezing it in your fists while crying. Finally, you’re free.

As teenagers, as humans, we want to be free. But freedom isn’t the only thing we want. If you want to know more about this subject, read this article!

Author: Cristea Alexandru


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