What kind of life do you want?


Would you want a different life? Most people would tell you that they are satisfied with their own lives and would not wish to be someone else. The fear of the unknown and the routine have their own problems and shortcomings that create paradoxical people in this regard. Why paradoxical?

Because only two out of seven people on this planet are living a relatively safe, decent and civilized life and having their main needs met. The rest of them are actually struggling, from many points of view, to make ends meet. Either because of a lack of security, physical and mental disability or because of material deprivation. The five billion “less fortunate” people should wish for a new “life cycle” and destroy another person’s life. However, a very small percentage would. The most plausible explanation is that we, as humans, feel strongly the fear of “making matters worse”.

And this makes it easy to get to the subject of this post:

What would a better society look like for most people?

Human recourses are limited and competition is in our nature. These two factors make this question fairly hard to answer.  If you are very rich, a fairer world would mean you giving up many of your assets for the common good. This is contrary to the principle of meritocracy: the smarter and more vigilant should receive more because they have gained these things with their own effort.

You would probably want a world without rich people so that human resources would be as evenly distributed as possible. This would be the case for poor people. And it would happen without the possibility of major social discrepancies between the richest and the poorest. The majority of “average” people would stick with their condition, not willing to risk poverty for the enrichment perspective. It’s human nature. We want to have a successful life. Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it. With this success, comes happiness and, a lot of times, money. If you want to know more about success and you can achieve it, then check this article!

And then, what would you suggest?

Better utopian societies have been proposed over time. Surprisingly, one of the most elegant solutions came from a Harvard teacher. Although his book about an ideal society was written in a dry academic style, it was sold “like hotcakes”. What was a brilliant idea?

“A Theory of Justice” (1971) is the name of his book, one of the most influential works of the 20th century. John Rawls is the one who wrote it. The brilliant idea was “The original position”  and managed to defeat most of our selfish and vitiated moves to build an ideal society.


He did it by calling on us to build this hypocritical society, not knowing what role we will play in its birth. We could be born as super-rich or starving, we could be born as ultra-liberal activists or in the place of a disabled person and in need of social assistance. We could be born a man, woman, beautiful, ugly, intelligent, heterosexual or homosexual, etc. Well, with that thought in your mind, what society did you project?


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