What is toleration and how should we use it: a comparison


In these hard times, we often hear about toleration. Some say we shouldn’t tolerate corruption, some say we should tolerate each other. Personally, I tend to tolerate many situations just to make things easier. But is there a line that shouldn’t be crossed in terms of accepting everything?

The “Yes Man”

In the “Yes Man” movie played by Jim Carrey, we go along with Carl, which has a very shitty life, while going through a divorce. When meeting a friend, Carl is encouraged to attend a “Yes” seminar where he would learn how to say yes to every opportunity in life. After that seminar, he starts saying yes to every opportunity he encounters, and things start going pretty well in his life! But it doesn’t last long. After some time, he gets tired of tolerating other people’s requests.

It might be called burnout these days.

We learn a very important lesson here. Sometimes, we need to be more tolerable around the people around us, because each has its own story and background. But this should not be more important than our own life or interfere with our passions.


In the Cambridge Dictionary, corruption is defined as “dishonest or illegal behavior involving a person in a position of power, for example, accepting money for doing something illegal or immoral”. Unfortunately, we see a lot of these behaviors from people that should be the perfect example of justice. And these are mostly politicians, but sometimes the police, CEOs, even our boss from work; they make bad moves just for the sake of money and power. This is when we shouldn’t tolerate their behaviors just to escape. We are talking about a system that’s working like this for years, just because people were trying to get food, clothes, or any other things illegally.

How could you stop tolerating?

I know I’m a pretty comfortable person, but I am trying to move things forward. I’m thinking about my kids, my friends, about people that will live here one day. That will suffer the same because I got a job without an interview, because my father knows someone or because I am someone’s favorite. Good things are made with honest work, and when you have problems because someone was tolerated, you’ll think about this. Just be frank with people, work honestly, and be correct in any way. Hopefully, when I’ll read this in a year, I’ll proudly say that I tried and I changed someone’s perception about how things should be done. We need toleration between us. But in order to prevent corruption, we need to use honesty.


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