What have I learned from playing League of Legends?

League of Legends

You’ve probably all heard of League of Legends, the game with more than ten million players, that at least one of your friends has tried. Yes, the one in which people break their keyboards, gives up only to return, spends their (now 150) allowance on Paysafe. But this game also has something to learn … besides insults in

At least this is the most common (and incorrect) way of presenting it.

For those who have never seen or ever played, his idea is that five people become allies, and five others become enemies, the goal is to destroy the enemy base. The main idea is simple: destroy the enemy base before they destroy it with the help of the

However, as you enter the game, you realize that “simple” is by no means the word to describe the action. The strategy – which not even generals of war would fully understand; reaction speed – typical for drunk teenagers who are called by parents, and last but not least, hand-eye coordination used in drinking competitions.

Let’s not forget the need for communication skills (curses) …

Personally, I have a career of over two years in LOL. Some might say that playing two years in the same game is a waste of time. And yes, two years with the same game seems the same as seeing the grass grow or the paint dries. But from my experience, I can say that LOL is more than just a game.

Although dubbed a cancerous game, League of Legends is actually a way of self-awareness and psychological testing. Depending on how you play, you can deduce details about yourself that you didn’t realize.

What did I learn?

First of all, I help people only in need. When they don’t need help, I’m not interested in them and I see my problems. I discovered this through my co-workers – when they are not in danger, I am not paying attention to them. Instead, when they were attacked by the enemy team, I offered them as much help as I could, but I didn’t give my life for them. If I know my allies don’t have a chance to escape, I’m not going to help them. The second thing I deduced, I help, but to a degree, I do not give my life for the problems of others.

The third thing is the role I play. There are different roles in the game, and I play top lane, this role isolating me from the rest of the team. For two years I only play top lane.

What did I learn?

Not that I’m a forever and ever alone. If you were thinking about it, but the fact that I like to do everything by myself and do not ask for help from anyone, even if I have problems. I like to rely on my own strengths. If I get help from the rest of the team, thank you, but I don’t expect the second help. I’m trying to use my help, so I don’t need it anymore – the same thing in real life.

And the fourth thing is this article itself. I was told that LOL is a wasteful, useless game, a waste of time and I was asked why I don’t give up. These people made me wonder how important this game is. Thus, I began to analyze the game and what it

I have come to the conclusion you are reading now: League of Legends is a way to learn more about yourself. With every match you play, you can find out who you are because of the way and choices you make in the game. As Albert Einstein also said:

“Play is the highest form of research”

If you want to research your personality and find out who you are, what are your minuses and pluses, to discover yourself or just to improve your ability to deduce, I recommend this game, I have learned a lot from it.

Photo: Luis Gheorghe Rus

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