What dog breed you should get

What dog breed you should get
Everyone wants in their lives a dog, but we got ourselves thinking about what dog breed we should get to fit our conditions. Of course, if you want to escape easily you could get a cat, or, of course, a dog from a shelter, which I encourage you to do, but unfortunately, not many people want to adopt one instead of buying it.

This decision is a tough one because some couples want a dog that is small, well-behaved, and strong. Other families want a big dog, dangerous and calm next to their children; other people want a dog to protect them or just to keep them safe. In defining, what dog can have them all in one, and with what dogs we should be more careful?

For example, in Romania several conditions must be met in order to keep a dog known to be dangerous as a breed, for people safety. If you want dogs like Rottweiller, Cane Corso, Mastiff, Pit Bull, etc., you must meet a pattern in order to own them.

For this reason, I will give you some examples of dogs that I consider to offer all the desires of a man.

The first and the most important are the dogs from shelters

What dog breed you should get

We need to change our mentality and understand that a dog from a shelter and a “ purebred “ dog bought are the same. They all are souls and bring us a ray of sunshine every day, mainly, a dog bought from the shelter will love you and protect you ten times better than a purebred dog, because you offered them a second chance, and they will respect you and love you unconditionally because you saw the beauty in them.

Therefore, you may be surprised at what you will find at shelters. There are a lot of purebred dogs abandoned in shelters that are worth taking care of them to turn into their best form. If you will just give a chance to search there first for a dog, I assure you that you will find beautiful souls. Besides that, they have everything people want in a dog: beauty, love, protection, care, and obedience.

I hope this is your first choice of looking for a dog and the final decision.

Of course, if you didn’t find anything at a shelter, I suggest you the beautiful and majestic Doberman  

What dog breed you should get

These dogs are by far my favourites because they impose a certain status through their appearance.

They are known as bad dogs, but actually, they are one of the sweetest. Due to their length and the way they are built they impose a certain state of fear on people, but they actually want to look fearless for the outsiders just to know you are safe.

If you are a good owner and you know how to raise the dog, you will see what great potential it is inside your Doberman. They might seem aggressive and are very protective of their family, but literally, they are very quiet and undisturbed dogs.

For that reason, if you know that you are a good owner who will take some time to spend with their Doberman to raise it correctly, I think you should get one.

Another one should be the lovable Golden Retriever

Who dWhat dog breed you should getoesn’t love a Golden Retriever or a Labrador? They are known as the sweetest dogs on the planet. By far the quietest and most obedient dogs that exist. They don’t need a lot of introduction, because everybody loves them, and when you can’t decide what dog you want to get, everyone’s choice is the Golden Retriever. You can’t go wrong with this decision. If you have children, this dog will take care of them and will be very gentle around them; sometimes you will not feel their presence in the house because they are very quiet as a dog breed. They love cuddling and who doesn’t want a dog that would cuddle 24/7 hours?

Maybe their only negative aspect is about not imposing fear because everybody knows them as the chilliest dogs, but the bad man would be surprised if someone would want to attack you because they will protect you with all their powers.

Last but not least, the grandiose German Shepherd

They are known as some of the most protective dogs, you will not feel in danger when you are around them. The German Shepherd is one of the handsome dogs and they have so much potential that some don’t realize it.

It is very important to raise them right since they are small and pay very What dog breed you should getmuch attention to their evolution because they could turn into puppies that don’t listen to what you say and can become very difficult. But if you know how to raise them right, they will shine along with you and they will fit all your requirements, from a quiet, listener dog, to a playful and thoughtful dog.

I hope this little list of dogs that I recommended will help you decide on a dog that is similar to your requirements, and that will make your life better.

Happy Dog, Happy Life


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