3 Weirdest jobs in the world

3 Weirdest jobs in the world


Although it may sound very strange, this is one of the extremely necessary jobs, without which the world wouldn’t be the sajobsme these days. The snake milker takes a poisonous snake and press its fangs into a special container, in order to obtain its venom. It is a really scary job and a dangerous one as well, but the snake’s venom is worth the risk, since it is used not only for curing people who have been bitten, but also for making other medical treatments.
If you wish to become a snake milker, you need a degree in herpetology or biology and, more than this, you have to think very well if you are ready to put your life in danger, since a snake’s bite can be lethal when the safety procedures aren’t fully respected. In case you aren’t satisfied enough with the fact that your job contributes to saving people’s life, you should know that snake milkers make, on average, around 2.500 dollars per month, because snake venom is a very expensive market, one gram of a certain poison being sold even for 2.000 dollars.


There are professional water-slide testers who have to ride down the slides for fun and, as a jobsbonus, they make money out of it, so it seems one of the perfect jobs for any young person. For applying to this job, you don’t need any academic degree, only to be an open -minded person, ready to face entertaining activities in your first years of adulthood.

This may be one of the most enviable jobs you will ever hold, because you only have to take multiple trips down the slide, observing how much water it uses, how quickly you move down it, and how fun it is as a whole. Water slide testers are responsible for
travelling the world to test the speed and landings of slides as well as the standards of pools at resorts around the globe. For this work that seems extremely easy to do, the people who choose this career earn 34.000 dollars a year.



This might be one of the strangest jobs, but creating the perfect piece of chewy needs a lot of hard work. A “gumologist” is somebody who researches, creates and tests chewing and bubble gum. At first, it may seem that those people simply chew gum and blow bubbles all day long, but the truth is that they are, as well, responsible with creating new flavors. This person adjusts the gum for making it perfect before it hits the market. Most of people would think there isn’t much satisfaction in doing this job, but, at the first sight, we discover that the money those people earn is really good, between 74.000 and 107.000 dollars per year.


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