5 Weird musical instruments you probably never heard of

musical instruments
We’re all familiarised with musical instruments such as violin or guitar. They made their way not only in classical music, but in the modern one as well. They are so well-known, that we instantly recognise their sound. But what about other instruments?
There are some weird ones no one has really heard of and they’re really interesting, if you ask me. They have a unique sound, a remarkable way of playing and an interesting approach.
So today I will talk about 5 of those musical instruments you probably never heard of:

1. Theremin 

The theremin is an electronic musical instrument which is controlled without actually touching it.
To be honest, this looks like something that has been brought by the aliens on Earth and this is what makes it stand among under musical instruments.
The sound may make you think of that as well, because the instrument’s controlling section is basically two antennas. The player controls the frequency with a hand and the volume with the other.
It’s not very difficult to play and its eerie sounds have been used for various movies.
2. Pyrophone
As its name suggests and given the fact that it’s also known as “fire/explosion organ”, sounds are made by explosions or other forms of rapid combusting.
This is why this isn’t a regular organ: instead of pushing air into the tubes, the sounds are made by combustion. They are mostly powered by propane, but hydrogen has been used as well.
3. Glass harmonica
As far as I am concerned, this is probably the most interesting one, because who would think of it? This is a musical instrument that uses some glass bowls that are placed gradually by size and the sound is made by means of friction.
In the 18th century, people really hated this instrument, because it “stimulates the nerves, plunges the player into a nagging depression and hence into a dark and melancholy mood”.

4. Hyperbass flute

It is a rare instrument and the lowest pitched instrument in the flute family. The coolest thing that its frequency is so low, that it’s below what’s considered the range of human hearing. It has very low notes and given the fact that it’s a relatively new instrument, it’s still a work in progress to some extent.

5. Octobass 

You have heard of double bass, now get ready for… the octobass! Did you think that the double bass is enormous?
Well, think again! Because this musical instrument is more than enormous. It is one octave below the cello and equal to the modern double bass.
So, basically, the difference is in the size. The octobass is bigger than any human being and can be played at orchestras.
There are many weird musical instruments, but these ones have caught my attention. If you ask me, I want to play all of them someday!


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