We wanted to grow up…


You used to go out and play with your friends, only to come back in the late evenings. In the blink of an eye, you’ve become a teenager that can’t be around people without feeling insecure about your looks. No, there’s nothing wrong with you. You’re just a teenager. You want to go back to the days when all you could care about was whether you could go out and play? No, that can’t be done. Maybe because there’s a right time for everything. Just like we wanted to grow up, now we want to reverse time and be children again. Problems appear and sleep hours disappear! Welcome to your life!

Moving past this sad story where everybody grows old…

If there’s anything that annoys me about my age, it’s the fact that I am old enough for people to give me adult responsibilities but still not enough for me to be considered one of them. On top of that, being called a callow doesn’t make me feel good either. What can we do about it, besides striving to prove that we are so much more than the little kids they think we are, show them how well we can handle our responsibilities. We wanted to grow up, but at what costs?

For those of you who’ve seen the “a day in my life” kind of videos on YouTube, I can tell you that’s not how the day of an adult looks like. Adult life is boring, it is full of stress. You could say a day is only a scribble in the books of our life, saying “I was alive today too” but not quite. It doesn’t matter whether you’re still in high school or in college, you’ve already started to feel the taste of savings, problems, and uncertainty.

Imagine walking down the street and finding money on the ground.

You bend over to pick them up, but a snake appears from nowhere and bites your hand. The street starts spinning around and before you know it, you’re thrown directly in the brambles. This is how some moments in life are. Regardless, we live waiting for the only person who can remove the thorns, bandage the wound, take away the pain. We live for these moments when we heal and learn to enjoy and appreciate everything in our lives, whether they’re good or bad things because every beautiful memory is a beautiful memory, while every bad memory is a learned lesson.

We wanted to grow up…

There were many times in my life when all I wanted was to take a break from life, but there are also moments when I am full of joy. That’s how real life is – it’s inevitable, sometimes we have to deal with a lot of problems but, in the end, they don’t matter, because we move past them. What truly matters are the happy moments.

Every day is a test.

Everyone at school, college, or summer job, wants to see what we are capable of and we feel like we’re making mistakes at every step we take. However, it may be more important to proceed, with all the mistakes made at every step, to go forward with pride and lessons learned.

Make changes to yourself and you will see that everything around you will be different. Take advice into account, but do things your way and do not let others slow you down, because if you are ambitious, you can rise to the sky.
Not being afraid of change is what progress truly means. You can find an old film with you, see how naive you were, only preoccupied with a game that seems so ordinary to you now, and you are afraid that you have lost your charm and flexibility, but no, it’s all up to you. Stop wasting your time, work for your dreams, and then show them to everyone what you are capable of. If you’re sailing on the sea and the school taught you only how to build a shovel, be happy! You can use it as a paddle.

Is pessimism overwhelming you?

Then practice your smile in front of the mirror, and when you think negatively, instead of getting mad, try giving your best smile to your troubles. If everything begins in your mind, why do you have to think about where it ends too? Just think you can do it and someday you will, I trust this simple method. Speaking of trust, what do we do when we lose trust in someone? We ask them to look for it while we start a new chapter, smiling towards the future. The past should be only about beautiful memories and learned lessons, are we clear?
Maybe you’re thinking “Who are you to give us advice?” and I think that although I am not the most experienced, we have something to learn from everyone. Some helped me get where I am now and others help me maintain myself on the surface. And I want to share that with you, those who are reading this article right now. I am not perfect, but I have learned, however, how to accept that all I can do at this very moment is to fight for the next chance, more than I did last time.
We wanted to grow up, but we didn’t realize what that truly means. It’s not easy being a teenager. If you want to read more about this, check this article!


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