We don’t want fashion, we want to be men! A comparison


1999 was the gem of the best movies of the decade. Coincidentally, it’s also the year of my birth, so I guess it is some kind of linkage. But the themes in those movies were raw. Full of meaning.  A few examples are “The Matrix” (with Keanu Reeves, oh); “10 things I hate about you” (with Heath Ledger) and, of course, “Fight Club” (with Brad Pitt). And the last one had some very strong opinions…

The message behind

In a scene in “Fight Club”, our two characters hop on a bus and see an advertisement. It’s about Gucci lingerie. And one of them says something about Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger and blames these companies for selling a false image of what they should look like.

In his mind, society already made up its mind on how men should look, act, and feel. Any behavior differing from those patterns is considered abnormal.

What about Calvin Klein?

In 1968 the business started by selling coats in a small shop in the York hotel. Calvin Richard Klein started this with the help of a friend. He got recognition for his simplicity. In those years, people were bananas about hippie culture and clothes. But he designed the most simple and minimalist pieces. He also designed both for men and women. But he got his fame from launching his jeans model that had a controversial advertisement.

It all started with the line “Do you know what comes between me and my Calvin’s? Nothing”. This along with the over-sexualized ads got the owner into trouble, and the ads were banned in some places. But bad publicity is still publicity.

What the brand wanted to share

Of course, it was not made from all kinds of people. Calvin Klein was represented only by thin, rich, and famous people. It became imperious that a fine man or woman is dressed or having at least one thing from Calvin. The image constructed is that only this kind of people looks good in it. That might be because he chose mostly very famous people for his campaigns. For example, in his latest campaigns from the website, the Kardashians are now promoting his line.

But, just like every big brand that wants to be rich and fancy, I’d like to invite all the people who wore this brand to look up in the small magazines. The usual people started wearing false clothes with the Calvin print on it, that now it’s considered kitsch. Checkmate!


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