We are only humans, but we needed this pandemic and that’s a fact!

We are only humans, but we needed this pandemic and that's a fact!

We needed this virus because otherwise, we would have remained numb. Unfortunately, a lot of us remained this way, but there is still time to evolve, I hope. We need to open our eyes before it is too late. This pandemic has shown us why life is so precious, and I know we are only humans, but it’s our fault. I know that as a human, you don’t have super-powers, but at least you are able to do good for you, for our planet, and if it weren’t for the pandemic, you wouldn’t do it and you know it.

If it weren’t for the pandemic, you’d still be out there 

I know it’s sad and maybe you are young and want to have fun. But because you were rushing into life, you didn’t spend time with your family. This virus came to tell you that you have all the time in the world to have fun. Spend more time with your family while they are still there. Be there for them, you’ve already seen what might happen. Every day is a new chance to get close to your dear ones. Don’t take them for granted!

If it weren’t for the pandemic, you’d still not think about the elders

They are the most vulnerable people right now. This virus has shown us why it is important to take care of them. They may be stubborn, they may not understand the situation and they may piss you off. But, please, be patient, be gentle, they need you. If you can help, do it. Most of them are alone and, during this pandemic, they need a lot of help. You wouldn’t think of them if it wasn’t for the pandemic. But at least now, do it.

If it weren’t for the pandemic, you wouldn’t appreciate the nature

Of course, as humans, we don’t appreciate what we have until it’s gone. So now, during these times when we can’t go out, when there are restrictions everywhere and you can’t really enjoy what nature gave you, how do you feel? You miss the old times, right? Maybe this way, when it’s all over, you’ll appreciate nature more. You won’t take it for granted, and you will take care of it. Since almost every place is closed or restricted, nature can now remain the happy place that you need. In some places, it still is, but can you really enjoy it? Next time, take care of it so that you won’t be sorry later.

I strongly believe we deserved it. We took everything for granted. Our lives, jobs, friends, families. We didn’t pay attention when the planet was crying for help. The nature needed to breathe for a little and I am glad it did. I am glad we were forced to give up on our jobs to spend time with family. I know these are hard times, the economy is going down, but these things, they are material things. Family, friends, moments, they are not. At the end of the day, that’s all we have. This is what makes us human and that’s all we have.

Maybe when it’s over, we’ll be better. We’ll appreciate life, we’ll spend more time with us, with our dear ones, maybe this way we can take care of our planet, finally! The world is falling apart, there are too many tragic happenings around us, but let’s take this one seriously, let’s learn something, and maybe in the future we will live in a better world, better than this one.


  1. Hi, I don’t want to seem disrespectful, but this article shouldn’t have been posted. I would like to list some of the reasons why I find this article ignorant:
    1. The fact that whoever wrote this said that “we needed this virus” is disturbing me to the core. What kind of human are you? Don’t you think of all those people who lost their loved ones because of this pandemic? What about those people who lost their jobs? Did they deserved this virus?
    2. I get the idea to spend time with your family while you can, but what about those people who live in abusive families? Was being in quarantine with their abusive “loved ones” such a delight for them? I don’t think so. Sometimes people try to run from their families, we’re not all the same, you know?
    3. And of course let’s appreciate nature, because that’s important right now. People are dying every day at an enormous rate but hey, this pandemic made us appreciate nature more so it’s fine.
    Simply ignorant.


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