We are like stars

We are like stars

We are like stars. I had gone out to watch the sunset. I wasn’t feeling so well, but not physically, it was a strange emptiness in my stomach…

The merciless waters drew the sun into their depths until I saw it no more. Now the queen of the night lighted the sky. Luckily, I saw falling stars… I made a wish, looking at the brightest one. I wanted to be happy. But we, humans, we are like shooting stars. Sometimes, like us, they fall to fulfill someone’s desire.
I finally went home and jumped tiredly in bed. Someone had covered me, but I lived alone… something in my ear whispered:
“When we appear in your life you will be happy. We’ll take care of that.”

I smiled and fell asleep immediately.

The next day I went out for a walk. I was sitting on a bench when a girl asked me if she could sit next to me. “Of course you can…” I was thinking about who had been with me last night, was it a fairy? An angel?
“Are you ok? What are you thinking about?”
“Ah… yes, I’m good.”
“I can see it in your eyes that you’re not good…”
“You don’t even know me”, I shouted. “What did that mean? Who was it?”
“You have no idea…”
I had heard that voice somewhere… but where?

“I know you, Alis, and I know why you are sad, but you can trust me, I will not leave.”

She knows my name… She knows me… That was her last night! That’s where I heard her voice!

“Who are you? Where do you know me from? And how did you get in last night…?” I snapped at her while getting up.
I was alarmed. What did that mean?
“I’m the one who will never leave your side,” she said calmly.
I was speechless and was barely holding back my tears, and all she did was hold me tight and suddenly everything felt better, nothing could hurt me anymore.
In the distance, there were several people with a special glow, like an aura, which Alexis also had – that’s what I found out was her name – but she seemed to shine brighter…
“Them… Why don’t they have the same aura as you?” I asked, calming myself down slowly.
“Uhm… They don’t…”

I’m not for you. Even if they come into your life, they won’t stay. They won’t be able to.

It had been a while, and I was getting along better with Alexis. We moved in together and took care of each other.
I also became friends with those people I saw then, and I started to care about them even though I knew it wasn’t good… Even though I knew they would leave and I would miss them.

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It was late winter, almost spring. There was no snow, but it wasn’t warm either. Like a fall that had no more colors to paint the leaves and everything else.
We were all seeing each other often and kept in touch, understood each other and were good friends. Today we had to meet at the seaside – my favorite place – to talk. I was expecting the most terrible way they will ever leave my life. I knew that was it, but I didn’t mind, this time I was used to it.
When we arrived, they were there. Alexis grabbed my hand and smiled encouragingly.
“We don’t know how to tell you … Just that we … they started.”

“You don’t have to say anything, I smiled at them. I perfectly understand.”

They began to hug me one at a time, and it seemed as if each hug was painful.
Several people had gathered there, but not particularly interested in us, they were just walking by.
And… they’re gone. I saw them in all their splendor at sea, playing, forming childish and cheerful groups, overflowing with mournful happiness that took hold. It was like a dance performed equally in water and air, a dance in which their long and glittering bodies like silver suites sewed the deep blue water of the skies into a precious embroidery of gold and cobalt, of mercury and peruse, in a demonstration of fantasy and gratuitousness, overwhelming, purifying.

We, the people, were watching them from the shore, a high shore like an opera gallery, we felt young and enthusiastic, devoid of reserves and open, brimming with admiration not only with the wonderful beings we were watching, but also with each other, and – even more so – with ourselves.
I turned to Alexis when I lost sight of them:
She tilted her head smiling, that contagious smile, and then she looked me in the eye:

“We are not human beings with spiritual experiences, but spiritual beings with human experiences.”

“Well… Explain this too.”
“When a star falls, it is meant to fulfill a single wish, to one person. We are all like stars. Everyone has its star, which, when it falls, will fulfill their wish. None of them was your star. That’s why they couldn’t stay, honey. They each went on their path, in search of the person to whom they must fulfill the wish.”
“But you didn’t leave… and you won’t leave.”
“You are my star… because we are all like stars.”

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