Watercolor pencils 101: What are they and why are they outstanding

Watercolor pencils

There is a truth universally acknowledged that watercolor pencils are the perfect kit for art lovers. I may be late to the party, but I am sure there are countless talented people out there who don’t know about watercolor coloring pencils. I for one have actually known about them for a while, but it is only now I have decided to try them on.

What are watercolor pencils and how do they work

Basically, watercolor pencils look like normal coloring pencils, but they work much better with water. Watercolor pencils always need water. When you add water to them directly or to a colored portion that you sketched with them, they look like they have been made with real watercolors. If you are someone like me that really loves drawing but actually doesn’t like painting, this new addition could be a life changer for you.
Watercolor pencils 101: What are they and why are they outstanding

Here are four advantages and tips for when deciding to use watercolor coloring pencils instead of the classical coloring pencils or watercolor colors.

1. The result really looks better with watercolor pencils than with normal coloring pencils.

Hate it or love it, water adds an amazing third dimension to any drawing. Of course there are countless amazing normal pencils that can give you a very beautiful effect to your sketch, but really, nothing compares to adding water to your art. It simply makes it look magical and whimsical, like it had been blessed by fairies. And you know it’s true, even if you dislike it.

2. Watercolor pencils make painting easier than using a normal brush

I truly hate using a brush when my hands are always shaking because of my anxiety. All of my lines and coloring simply look terrible because of the trembling. This is one of the main reasons why I truly love watercolor pencils. Because the tip of the colors that is straight, I don’t have to worry about shaky hands anymore. I can just paint and enjoy my day.

3. You don’t get dirty when using watercolor pencils

I really dislike getting my hands dirty. It is by far one of the things I loathe most. Call it a phobia if you want. I still recall with horror my drawing classes during middle school when I had to paint every week, and my hands were getting all stained with dry paint at the end. This is probably my favorite part to using watercolor pencils. My skin doesnțt get stained at all, and I can get to paint really fast.

I highly advise you to out watercolor pencils! They will really be an amazing addition to your art collection, and you may find yourself drawing and painting for hours to go with this amazing kit. There are many brands you can choose from, I have heard Reffaine are really good, so this is what I started with. So start at your own peace, and keep drawing to the skies.

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