Watches: 6 most expensive brands


Watches are classic accessories, which are not missing from the women’s and men’s collection. Unlike other accessories, watches are extremely precious because you can keep them for a lifetime. Fortunately, you can find models for all tastes and for all budgets, from the most expensive watches to affordable models for any pocket.

Collectors and lovers of watches are always interested before a new purchase about different watches, as well as about the famous watch brands on the market. So, you will probably hear the phrase “this model belongs to one of the best watch brands” frequently. A wristwatch is much more than an accessory that indicates the exact time, more than a jewel that defines the style, it is an extension of the wearer’s personality and a way to highlight the identity and social status.

1.Jaeger LeCoultre 

Founded in 1883 by Antoine LeCoultre, the Swiss watch brand Jaeger LeCoultre has revolutionized this industry with a lot of innovations over time. For example, they invented the smallest caliber of a watch in the world and designed the most complicated wristwatch. The finest Jaeger LeCoultre watches start at $ 4,000 and can reach the threshold of a million dollars. For example, Hybris Mechanica’s Grande Sonnerie retails for $ 1,474,070. Pierce Brosnan, Robert Downey Jr, Matt Damon or Queen Elizabeth II were seen wearing watches created by this Swiss brand.

2.Louis Moinet 

Founded in 1806, the Louis Moinet brand has a rich history. The brand has created some extraordinary watches for several world leaders, such as Napoleon Bonaparte, Tsar Alexander I of Russia, King George IV of the United Kingdom or Thomas Jefferson.

Louis Moinet watches are considered true works of art, and the brand’s first creations can be admired in museums such as the Louvre, Chateau de Versailles or Palazzo Pitti. A watch costs between $ 8,000 and $ 26,000.


The story of the famous Rolex begins in 1905 in London. Their creator, Hans Wilsdorf, forever transformed the concept of “fashion”, releasing the first watches for men in the world. Before that, only women wore them, but gentlemen preferred pocket models. In 1910, they were issued a certificate of chronometric accuracy and later awarded A classes.

Today, the logo of the brand in the form of a crown is known worldwide. The headquarters of the brand is located in Switzerland, in Geneva, and the production itself – in the city of Biel. It is worth noting that Rolex is one of the few companies that uses exclusively its own parts, without purchasing them from other companies. Today the brand is the most successful and recognized leader among luxury goods manufacturers. His watches are the most forged in the world, which is a proof of his success. This product has its serial number labeled.

The company’s most expensive men’s watch was sold at auction for $ 17.7 million. It was the legendary yellow gold Daytona, with a diamond and bezel dial, emeralds on labels, released in 1968 and belonged to the famous actor Paul Newman.


Again in the ranking of the Swiss company, founded in 1848 in the town of La Chaux-de-Fonds. The first pocket watches made from pieces provided by artisans were very popular with the locals and gradually rumors about them spread throughout Europe. Soon a factory opens, where both the production of parts and their assembly take place in one place.

The first caliber issued by the brand was named the last letter of the Greek alphabet Ω (Omega), and later the company decided to name it that way. After all, it meant completeness, durability and superiority. Designers do not adhere to any style – they represent classic, sporty and even avant-garde models. In 1965, the company’s watches, together with the models of other brands, were tested in zero gravity conditions, under the influence of a magnetic field and temperatures from -18 to + 93 ° С. And only the Omega Speedmaster was certified by NASA for space flight and was selected for the Apollo program.

Jacques-Yves Cousteau used the clock for his research at a depth of 500 m. Subsequently, a model with a water protection of 1000 meters was launched. The watches of this brand have become an unchanged attribute of James Bond since 1995.


This famous Swiss brand sells watches priced between $ 10,000 and $ 210,000. Some of their models are real jewelry. For example, the Altaplano Caliber 1200D is full of precious stones, with an extremely complex mechanism. Such a watch costs $ 152,000.

6.Roger Dubuis 

Although it has not been long in the watch industry, launching on the market only in 1995, the brand founded by Carlos Dias and Roger Dubuis produces some very special copies. The extraordinary quality of Dubui watches makes them sell for between 11,000 and 156,000 dollars. But The Millesime Double Flying Tourbillon, produced in only 88 copies, costs $ 263,000.

The company has also entered the exclusive list of those who sell watches that exceed the threshold of one million dollars, with the Excalibur Quatuor model, made entirely of silicone, four times lighter than titanium, but just as many times more durable. That’s probably why it costs $ 1,125,000.


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