Amazing War Heroine of Romania- Ecaterina Teodoroiu


Biographical facts about the war heroine

Ecaterina was a woman-soldier during the World War I and, due to her courage, she is still recognized today as a Romanian heroine. Born into a family of farmers in Vădeni, Târgu-Jiu, Cătălina, later known as Ecaterina because of her passion for poetry, (she signed her poems with Ecaterina Teodoroiu or Lili Teodoroiu, and her comrades-in-arms also called her Ecaterina Teodoroiu) fought as a lieutenant in the Romanian army during the war.

Ecaterina, graduated from primary school in Vădeni, and later studied in Bucharest to become a teacher. In 1916, she was ready to become a teacher, but the plan was interrupted by the events of the First World War. As the Kingdom of Romania entered the war, Ecaterina changed her plans and ambitions and wanted to revenge her brother’ s death.

Military Career

Ecaterina had worked as a nurse and with her experience, she decided to offer her services as a nurse on the battlefield. She made the decision after the death of her brother Nicolae, a sergeant in the Romanian army. She was also motivated by people’s patriotism, which deeply impressed her. It was a difficult decision for a young female at that time. However, Ecaterina soon proved her qualities on the battlefield not only as a nurse and later as a soldier, but also as a symbol of bravery.

The Death of the Heroine

She returned to the front in the summer of 1917. On August 20, the 43/59 Infantry Regiment  occupied the positions in the trenches on Dealul Secului in the area of ​​Muncelu locality. On the evening of August 22, during an attack launched by the 40th German Reserve Regiment and repulsed by Romanian troops, Ecaterina Teodoroiu falls heroically, shot.

Death placed her in legend, but Ecaterina’s deeds had long been known. Due to her heroism, without attending any military school, she became a lieutenant and led her soldiers on the battlefield. Through determination, courage and heroism, she was promoted to the rank of lieutenant, exclusively for her merits.

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