Wanna be an artist? Read this!

wanna be an artist?

My name is Stefan and this is all you need to know about me.

I want to talk strictly about what I do: I draw. Yes, I know, it may sound trivial, but I can say that in less than 2 years, I have gained a lot of skills. Now I create graphic drawings, I paint, but I also study anatomy and architecture. In this article, I want to talk about “development in art”. Of course, anyone can talk about it. As usual, the personal perspective is the most important. So, wanna be an artist? Read this!

Before you tell me I’m arrogant (I know I’ll get punched in the mouth for what I am writing now, but anyway), there are still plenty of things I need to learn. I don’t consider myself a good artist or cartoonist but, obviously, we can all learn from each other.

How did I develop my skills?

Development can’t be obtained without a lot of work. In the beginning, it is difficult to adapt to the stubborn superiors or the intellectuals who think they know everything about everything, given that they are not able to draw a straight line. Daily work and study are the basic factors. You have to watch videos, read specialized blogs, learn and try new techniques or working styles, ask for advice and guidance from the best, even teachers. Evolution will make its appearance in time, with small steps. I have the “basis” in the realistic image, a branch that requires hours of work and study for performance, which is valid in any field. Sometimes I would stay for hours in front of the drawing board, drawing, forgetting about myself. In time, the results started speaking for themselves.

Wanna be an artist? Read this!

What do I recommend to other people?

Be receptive, open to any new idea, whether good or bad, mold your personality. Gain information. As I said, the Internet helps a lot but not everything you find helps you evolve (there are many who make big blows, being taken as goals). I recommend studying the great artists, accepting the artistic challenges and leaving your comfort zone. When reaching a certain level, the challenges put the imagination to work.

You have to create, not to copy! To begin with, you will have your base in a branch of the field. For instance, I have the basics in realistic drawing, especially portraits. In time, you adapt to different styles of drawing, by working. I learned the anatomy of the head, its perspective, and its movement. I can mold it to the liking of the imagination.

Wanna be an artist? Read this!

How could you develop your personality through art?

By constantly working, you reach a stage that I like to call “artistic abyss”. You start to feel the need to emphasize your personal contribution, you begin to define your style and work technique. You want your drawings to take shape, to convey the philosophy of your own soul, to live among the traces left by graphite, brush, pencil and so on. Of course, you want things to be complex. Given that you put your soul into what you do, you will see your works as pieces of a puzzle that portraits the inner image of your own self.

Evolution comes with the challenge, the self-departure. After a certain working time, you will feel this huge need. For some artists, it is a critical point, but it should NOT be the same for you. It is the sign given by the future artist who lives inside you, waiting to come to light.

Wanna be an artist? Read this!

How can you keep yourself constantly motivated?

Don’t start to neglect your work when you hear words of praise. If you wanna be an artist, I recommend you to appreciate both negative and positive opinions, without taking them into account. When you talk to an expert, one who’s already had a fantastic development, with a lot of studies, listen to their advice in the technical parts. For example, when I started with portraits, I couldn’t do them simply as I liked because their creatin involves anatomical knowledge – proportions, light distribution, the texture of the skin, hair, volume rendering, etc.

Afrter 20 worthy hours of work.

So I was looking for an expert. I eventually found them and they are currently guiding me, giving me different challenges. But I still work alone, by myself. Look, you have nothing to lose! Be careful not to steal your master’s style, because originality is essential for an artist.

If you wanna be an artist, your biggest motivation should be yourself. You must have the ambition and the courage to be one of the best. I’ve always compared myself to great artists. But it’s a personal peak, which I am trying to leave behind.

How important is the evolution in art, and to what extent did it help me develop my personality?

Evolution, first and foremost, will satisfy you. If you work and succeed, will feel good about yourself and your high achievements. Art, of any kind, is a way of soul expression and liberation.

You grow morally with evolve, you grow while creating. To me, this growth appeared when I wanted to be better than I was before, when I wanted to create more than just beautiful drawings. So I tried to introduce personal concepts about the human condition, the soul, the interiorization, the society, the Universe etc. Ask yourself questions and answer them. You want to create art, not just doodles.

Wanna be an artist? Read this!

But until then you need to improve the technical aspects of your work. I have been dealing with this since I first started drawing almost 2 years ago. I am always at the beginning of my artistic journey. As I usually say: “An artist musn’t put himself down”. I’m not going to give in until I am a true artman.

So if you want to start this wonderful journey, this is all I can tell you: “Welcome in the creative world, my dear!”

Wanna be an artist?
If you make an effort, you can do everything!

No matter what you do, whether you have already started the job, or you are worried about what will people say.

Some people may not support you. If you want to know what to do, click here!

Let the others be and start working, and if no one supports you, you know that I do. As for what you need to know if you wanna be an artist, I hope I answered your question. So, never miss the weather and catch up!


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