Volunteering – 3 amazing ways it can improve your life

Volunteering – 3 amazing ways it can improve your life

My experience with volunteering started three years ago and since then I can confess that I have become truly passionate about it. What’s great about volunteering is that no matter your age, income, or social status you can surely find a cause to participate in.

When I decided that I want to get involved in a volunteering association I didn’t think that it can also change me for the better and these are 3 ways in which your life can also improve while doing it, from my experience:

It takes you out of your comfort zone

I think that one of the first things that I observed while being a volunteer it was that I needed to step out of my comfort zone in so many ways. No matter what cause you are serving, volunteering means making contact with new people, so if you are more of a shy person, this will definitely help you become more open and sociable.

Volunteering – 3 amazing ways it can improve your life

Volunteering also supposes getting involved in fun activities, taking part in interesting projects, found raising or organizing events. All of these can take you out of your daily routine and make you more active, all while learning a lot of new information about what planning this kind of activities really mean.

It connects you with people on a deeper level

One thing that volunteering can surely help you develop, is your sense of empathy. Research has shown that empathy helps people build social connections by better understanding what others are feeling or thinking.

Volunteering – 3 amazing ways it can improve your life

Although some people find it a little hard to be empathetic, putting yourself to the benefit of others can help you come to understand them better and connect with them on a deeper level. This will also help you understand your emotions and how to manage them better.

It makes you more confident

Before starting to volunteer I was not the most confident person, but with time this activity helped me develop a stronger attitude towards life. While there are studies that show your mental and physical health can be improved by volunteering, in my experience it can also improve your self-esteem and self-confidence.

Volunteering – 3 amazing ways it can improve your life

When I was put in difficult situations or challenges, I found out I had more inner strength than I thought I had, and that made me become surer of my abilities over time.

While the sole purpose of volunteering is not “to make you feel better”, but to help the community in some way, you can realize that it helps you improve yourself in other wonderful ways and you should give it a try for sure!



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