VOICE OF DAYS: Feel the energy of Ukrainian Hardcore shows!


If you are a fan of Hardcore punk music, you know that there is nothing quite like the experience of a live show. The energy, the intensity, and the powerful emotions are all elements that make hardcore punk shows so special. However, if you can’t attend a show in person, the next best thing is to watch a video of it. That’s where Voice Of Days comes in.

Voice Of Days [VOD] is a team of video makers from Kyiv/Ukraine, who specialize in filming live hardcore punk shows. They are passionate about capturing the atmosphere of the shows and sharing it with the world. Their videos are minimally edited, emotionally filled and authentic, providing viewers with a true representation of the hardcore punk scene in Ukraine.

Watch a live show captured by Voice of Days below:

The team consists of three members: Igor (Editor/Operator), Max (Operator), and Yevgeniy (Operator). Together, they have filmed dozens of shows throughout Ukraine, including performances of well-known Ukrainian hardcore bands such as Light Of Mine, Sick Solution, Homesick, True Tough, Strike Each Other, Juggernaut, Mauser, Bezlad.

One of the things that sets [VOD] apart from other video makers is their dedication to the Ukrainian hardcore scene. They are not just filming shows; they are also actively promoting the music and the culture surrounding it. Watching a [VOD] video is an immersive experience. The camera is right in the middle of the action, capturing every jump, every scream, and every mosh pit. The sound is raw and unfiltered, giving viewers a true sense of what it feels like to be at a hardcore punk show.


The ongoing war in Ukraine has had a significant impact on the country, including music scene.

However, the Ukrainian hardcore punk scene is not operating in a vacuum.

Since 2014, Ukraine has been at war with Russian-backed separatists in the Donbas, and starting from February 24, 2022, a full-scale war between Russia and Ukraine began, causing tens of thousands of deaths and the displacement of millions of people in Ukraine. Despite the ongoing war, the Ukrainian hardcore punk scene has remained active and vibrant, and [VOD] has continued to film shows throughout the country.

Voice Of Days films not only music and bands. They also film the people who attend the shows, showcasing the community and the culture surrounding the music. Audience is as important as the bands. They are the ones who create the atmosphere.

[VOD] is not just a group of video makers, they are also hardcore punk fans themselves. They understand the passion and the energy that goes into creating and performing this type of music, and they are devoted to sharing that with others. If you are a fan of hardcore punk, or if you are curious about the Ukrainian hardcore scene, be sure to check out Voice Of Days’ videos.

They are a true representation of what the scene is all about.

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