Vivaldi – 3 cool reasons why you should listen to his music

Vivaldi – 3 cool reasons why you should listen to his music

Vivaldi is one of the best known composers of all time – there’s little chance you’ve never heard of him. And even you haven’t heard of him in particular, you’ve definitely heard at least one of his famous Four Seasons. This article will give you 3 amazing reasons why everyone should listen to Vivaldi’s compositions intently.

1. Vivaldi was ahead of his time

I know we, millennials, sometimes tend to think that whatever happened in the past is not relevant anymore, but Vivaldi was an innovative musician, creating pieces of art that have been featured in a lot of movies, series, and documentaries – for instance, all of us know the notorious Pretty Woman. Well, the composer also brought his contribution in artistic terms, embellishing the background with his cheerful music.

However, due to the fact that Vivaldi’s compositions were rather rebellious and uncommon for the early 18th century, most of his music was locked away and was gradually rediscovered – in fact, a few manuscripts have been found in 2012! The reason why his music was hidden was pretty simple – Vivaldi was a priest, apparently not a very good one, and creating music that was not fully religious was not very well-seen. However, the composer’s career as a priest was rather short – after having some health issues, he withdrew and started teaching music.

2. A violin was all Vivaldi needed

Unlike other sophisticated compositions, Vivaldi managed to create an astounding effect without very many instruments – in fact, he only used his violin! That’s right, those amazingly complex melodies are entirely violin interpretations! I know nowadays that doesn’t seem so impressive, but back then it was a huge evolutional step – perhaps the Renaissance rebellious spirit influenced and inspired Vivaldi to become one of the greatest and most unique composers in the entire human history!

Imagine what a surprise must have been back then, when all songs needed at least three or four instruments to be played – a piano, a violin, some percussion, and perhaps a flute – to have the option to play a song in its complete and original version only with a violin!

More than that, how cool is it to be able to use, in fact, everything you have for your own advantage – I mean, sometimes it is enough to play only one instrument in order to compose amazing songs.

3. Vivaldi composed poems for his Four Seasons

Vivaldi’s Four Seasons initial version was a lot more complex and thoughtful than we imagine – the songwriter created a poem that described perfectly each note in the four pieces of art. What do I mean? Vivaldi literally wrote little poems to be read while each song was played that described the atmosphere accordingly.

Even though that might seem a bit odd – well, the fact that this was unprecedented made Vivaldi a true genius of his times, creating music with only one instrument and writing additional lines to induce the atmosphere he imagined for his pieces of music.

Moreover, Vivaldi understood very well the importance of attracting the audience – hence his little lyrical lines functioned precisely as an advertising commercial for the violinist! His fame increased and more and more people brought their children to be taught how to play the violin by the composer himself, who got to direct a Venetian girl school of music, called Pieta. He used to teach mainly orphan girls – playing the violin would be a huge asset for a young lady at the beginning of the 18th century, allowing her to marry well and thus escaping the poverty and potential stigmatization.

I know I love Vivaldi for his bright and joyful music, for his iconic songs and the inspiration his musical pieces offer me – but, if I haven’t convinced you to give his songs a shot, here is a video that, hopefully, will encourage you to listen to him!


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