Visual Artists You Should Follow on Instagram (Part 2)

Visual Artists You Should Follow on Instagram

One of the best things about technology is that you can get in touch with the contemporary art scene from the comfort of your home. Not long ago, I decided I needed more art in my life. Therefore, I starting browsing through some websites and apps, and I was not disappointed! If you are in search of beauty and talent, I created a list of visual artists you should follow on Instagram.

1. Cristina Ion (@cristinaionillustrations)

Her most recent work is inspired by the traditional Romanian clothing, which varies from one historical area to another. Apart from this series, Cristina Ion usually creates female characters, painting them in vibrant colors.

2. Drea.D.Art (

This illustrator usually draws well-known characters from beloved fandoms, such as Star Wars, Harry Potter and Disney movies. Her profile is like a magical trip down on memory lane. You can support the artist on Patreon or by buying merch such as printed T-shirts and mugs.

3. Nino Vecia (@ninovecia)

Nino Vecia’s characters look full of life and wisdom. Often more fantastic than human, they have their own story. As for the art style, it looks polished and mesmerizing. I’m out of words, really. It’s easy to understand (and to see) why.

4. Ksenia Svincova (@irenhorrors)

Inspired by mythology and lore, irenhorrors brings them to life in carefully crafted illustrations. Her characters and backgrounds lead us into a dark, supernatural world. I appreciate the fact that she often describes her work, pointing out the historical references she had used.

5. Cassandra Jean (@cassiejp)

Books and comic illustrator, Cassandra Jean posts snippets from collaborations and pictures of original characters. They are a mix of kings, gods and fantastic beings whose stories I’d love to know someday. Cassandra Jean has worked on well-known graphic novels such as Mortal Instruments and Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.

6. Andreea Dumuta (@galactixy_illustrations)

Her illustrations have a psychedelic vibe – or at least that’s how they look to me. Cats, eyes, skulls and birds are some of the most common symbols we can see in Andreea Dumuta’s pieces of art. She also designs cover albums, so make sure to check them out too!

7. Varguy (@varguyart)

The German illustrator’s style looks like a mash-up between Adventure Time and Studio Ghibli movies. Their fairytale-like characters go on strange adventures, beckoning us to follow them.

8. ma-ko (@drivemeawaytroubledheart)

The rich, green backgrounds are the element that caught my eye. ma-ko’s characters explore forests, meadows and temples of old, in search for a hidden prize. In contrast, their older works are black and white and have a more ‘industrial/steampunk’ vibe.

9. Heikala (@heikala)

Heikala is a colored ink artist, whose drawings showcase the magic hidden in our world. Forests, rain, lakes and cities become fantastic backgrounds. A little girl is present in most of the drawings is an explorer or a witch, as can be seen in the example below.

10. Yee Chong (@art_of_silverfox)

Nobody can resist baby animals, especially not when they are drawn with fluffy fur, big eyes and a bubbling personality. The little fox illustrated below has won my heart; I would protect it at any costs. Apart from this little rascal, Yee Chong has many other adorable characters, so go and discover them all!

As shown above, every artist from this list of visual artists you should follow on Instagram has a unique style. Nevertheless. I hope you found something to suit your taste. Remember to show your appreciation towards the artists by liking and commenting on their work!


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