Visual artists you should follow on Instagram (Part 1)

Visual artists you should follow on Instagram

We see mostly news, selfies, and promoters on social media these days. Cutting the screen time isn’t always a solution, so I changed the content I follow. As a result, I have filled my newsfeed with artists. If you want to do the same, I gladly share my list of brilliant visual artists you should follow on Instagram.

Before I begin, I want to clear up a few things. Firstly, I have zero artistic expertise so that I won’t be talking about technical aspects. But I think everybody can ascertain if a painting is visually appealing, so that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

Secondly, most of the artists I follow are digital artists. Some of them also use watercolors, colored pencils, or a combination of these.

And thirdly, many visual artists from this list are open to commissions. I encourage you to message them if you have a specific idea in mind! And now, let’s get it started!

Here are some visual artists you should follow on Instagram!

1. Abigail Larson (@abigail_larson)

She is the first visual artist I remember following. Abigail Larson takes inspiration from well-known stories and reinterprets them. You can recognize her style because of the rich earthly tones and Gothic atmosphere.

2. Geneva (@gdbee)

This visual artist’s characters are often women of color, painted in magical settings. The bright, warm tones remind me of a dreamy world, where one is free to start their own journey.

3. @alinna.grape

This visual artist uses a mix of traditional and digital techniques to create whimsical characters that tell stories of self-love, acceptance, and hope. Some of her pieces are merely sketches, while others are in vibrant colors.

4. Timothy Von Rueden (@vonnart)

This artist mainly draws in pencil, from tarot cards to fantastic beings out of fairy tales. The detailed works often hint at popular characters.

5. Soosh (@vskafandre)

Soosh created the endearing set of illustrations, called ‘Dad by my side’. Apart from it, the artist usually draws children and elderly characters, often in domestic set-ups, like hugging or braiding each other’s hair.

6. Andreea Balcan (@infernal_tulip)

She is a children’s book illustrator whose portfolio includes cute animals and mysterious plants. I prefer her cat and raccoon pieces because I simply can’t resist their cuteness.

7. Nan Fe (@nanfe1789)

Heavy and smooth brush strokes combine flawlessly in her digital paintings, depicting both popular and original characters. Nan Fe’s art is on the supernatural side, including human characters, elves, and unnamed creatures that loom in the shadows.

8. @aasphaloth

This artist’s work looks like stills from an animated movie. Her characters are expressive, looking ready to tell their story. I really hope she’ll make a name for herself in the industry in the future.

9. Ornella Savarese (@ella.savarese)

This artist illustrates a comic book whose action takes place in the distant future. She draws mainly original characters related to this project.

10. Michelle (@wolfskulljack_art)

The artist draws inspiration from volunteering at a wolf rescue centre, so many of their work depicts this majestic animal. Black, red and purple nuances blend and complement each other.

I hope you enjoyed this list of visual artists you should follow on Instagram! If you want to enrich your life, the second part of the article is here!


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