(VIDEO) Trump confirmed the first coronavirus death in the USA


(VIDEO) Donald Trump confirmed the first Coronavirus death in the United States of America. A person in Washington has died from being infected with the coronavirus. This is its first victim in the US! The authorities came out with statements.

The person was admitted to a hospital in Washington, and according to the statements of Dr. Jeffrey Duchin, he had other health issues besides COVID-19 infection. Donald Trump, US president, told a news conference that the patient is a woman in her ’50s, while Washington Governor Jay Inslee said the patient is a man.

The US vice president said: “I want to assure the family that they are in the hearts of every American right now.” There is no evidence to prove the source from which he became infected, as he had no contact with an infected person, and he did not make a recent trip, but there are assumptions that the virus would have spread through the community.(VIDEO) Trump confirmed the first coronavirus death in the USA

The Washington State Department of Health has posted on Twitter a message for the public: `The Washington State Department of Health confirms the first U.S. death from COVID-19 has occurred here in the state of Washington. We will share more information at a media briefing today at 1 pm. Information to watch via livestream will be shared here.`

This is not the first US citizen to die from coronavirus. There is a case outside the United States. The person was a 60-year-old man who died in Wuhan. Moreover, the authorities reported the case of a high school boy suspected of being infected with the coronavirus. Indeed, it has been tested and the result has a high chance of coming out positive.

Alex Azard, Secretary of Human Services and Health, said: `For the majority of individuals who will contact the new coronavirus, the symptoms can be severe to moderate and the best treatment for them would be to stay home and treat them like a common cold, like the flu.`

photo source: CNN.com


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