3 Inspirational vegan YouTube stars that will help you get motivated 


Thinking about veganism? Or simply decided to make some healthier food choices? Or maybe you were wondering how can you reduce your waste? Whichever your goal is, these YouTube channels may help you clarify your questions and inspire you to pursue a more thriving and environmentally friendly lifestyle.  

Ellen Fisher  

Ellen Fisher lives in Hawaii with her family of six. She is a mom of 4 kids, each cuter than the other, and is raising ALL of them vegan. Pretty impressive, right? She claims that her household has been following the plant-based diet for over 10 years and wouldn’t ever dream of looking back at her pre-vegan eating habits. I’ve been following her since she had only one child and have been a loyal fan of hers ever since.   

On her YouTube channel, she doesn’t only share recipes but also her daily routines including yoga, meditation, and exercise, inspirational stories, advice on how to be more sustainable, encouragements on pursuing a zero-waste lifestyle, and many more, which, in my opinion, makes her even more appealing to the public. Her kindness and radiating positive energy aspired me to look at the vegan diet as an option when I was still unaware of what it was and motivated me to explore it.  

Caitlin Shoemaker  

I discovered Caitlin’s channel recently after I started getting used to the vegan lifestyle. Previously an aspiring physical therapist but now a full-time content creator, Caitlin’s recipe videos have been a life savior. She mostly cooks simple yet finger-licking food packed with flavor. Her food combinations will not only satiate you but will also help you consume all the necessary nutrients. Among her most viewed videos are her budget-friendly meals where she shows how can you stretch 10 dollars in meals worth for 5 days.  

Madeleine Olivia  

Madeleine was the YouTuber I could relate to the most. She had started by filming quick and cheap vegan meals accommodated to the very intense and stressful student lifestyle. She also constantly uploads videos of herself going grocery shopping on a budget in stores with reasonably priced products such as Lidl, Aldi, and Tesco (mostly European brands as she is living in the UK). Madeleine is an activist for the zero-waste lifestyle too and has created a bunch of content on minimalistic and sustainable living. 



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