Vegan food brands you can easily find in Europe 


Ever since veganism started trending, companies around the world have invested heavily in the production of cruelty-free products, many of which have been selling like hotcakes. In Europe in particular the popularity of vegan brands has accelerated with enormous speed. Although not all European countries have access to each of these brands, there are a couple of them I have come upon in most states.  

Plant-based milk  

European supermarkets don’t have a huge choice of plant-based milk, at least those I have visited so far. There are only a couple of standard brands they have on stock which, in my opinion, are more or less satisfactory.  Joya is my usual choice, but I have also tried Scotti and Alpro. Quality-wise I haven’t noticed any major difference between these three vegan brands that wouldn’t single out one of them as better. Nevertheless, Joya and Scotti are on the cheaper side.

vegan-food-brands-you-can-easily-find-in-europeI do prefer, however, the Alpro yogurt alternatives over any other type, including the dairy ones. It’s creamier and less sweet than even some non-vegan yogurts. Provamel is another vegan milk I stumbled upon, more particularly only in Germany. And in Sweden, I came across the brand Oatly about which I was skeptical at first (don’t judge, I am a creature of habit), but it delivered good expectations.  

Meat and cheese substitutes  

I still haven’t experimented much with meat and cheese substitutes, however, some brands that have caught my eye are Veganz and Simply V. Both offer promising products, but the prices seem to be a little steep, hence, they wouldn’t make my weekly grocery list. Nevertheless, I am willing to give them a try for the sake of diversity and curiosity.  

Vegan snacks and desserts  

Vegan food brands you can easily find in Europe 

If you take a closer look, most snacks such as chips, pretzels, or popcorn are completely vegan. If you are still feeling suspicious, I highly recommend the DM house brand Bio. When it comes to dessert, however, it can be tricky to find something that is dairy-free. I would again opt for the Bio products, but lately, globally known products, which usually don’t produce non-dairy foods, have started releasing vegan options too. Among these brands happens to be Magnum. Their vegan almond ice cream is to die for.   



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