Delightful vegan dessert recipes in less than 20 minutes 


Although I maintain a pretty clean diet, mostly plant-based, low-fat, and sugar-free, a good dessert is a staple in my daily food consumption. Like most people, I suffer from a sweet tooth and find myself in an uncontrollable urge to indulge in some sugary sweets once a day. Luckily, I have found a healthy solution: vegan dessert. I decided to transform some of my most treasured, ‘can’t leave without’ type of dessert recipes into equally tempting vegan alternatives. The best part is that the preparation of each of them won’t take more than 20 minutes of your time.  

Vegan snickers  

I bet you haven’t heard about these before. Yep, they exist and are so much better than your regular snickers. They are the absolute perfect substitute for any kind of sugary, processed chocolate bars, many of which contain artificial flavors and even coloring. This vegan alternative is not only ten times healthier but is also as yummy as any other store-bought sweet. Most importantly, it won’t fail to satisfy your taste buds.  


  • Bananas  
  • Dark chocolate  
  • Peanuts
  • Peanut butter  


I cut the bananas in half vertically, down the middle. Then I cut the slices once more. This depends on how long you wish your snickers to be. Melt some dark chocolate and you are ready to start assembling. Spread a nice layer of peanut butter on the flat side of the bananas and stick some crushed peanuts on it. Afterward, dip them in the melted chocolate (make sure the snickers are coated on all sides) and store them in the refrigerator for a couple of hours. 

Energy bites  

These scrumptious vegan energy bites are an addiction! They are divine little pieces of heaven that melt in your mouth and release a unique sweet-savory taste. The recipe includes honey which is used as a binder for the ingredients. However, for the purpose of avoiding the long-lasting controversial dispute over honey being or not being vegan, you can simply use chia egg as an alternative. 


  • Oats  
  • Flax seeds  
  • Cacao powder  
  • Honey or chia egg 
  • Nut butter  


Mix the dry ingredients separately (the flax seeds, oats, and cacao powder) to which you will add the honey or chia egg and nut butter of your preference. Once everything is combined, start making little balls. Let them sit in the freezer for ten to fifteen minutes and top them with some shredded coconut flakes or chocolate chips. If you choose to use chia egg, combine around three to four tablespoons of chia seeds with three tablespoons of water and mix until you get a sticky consistency.  

Nice cream

The reason that nice cream has become a mainstream food is that you can indulge in it as much as you want without feeling not a tiny bit guilty! How, you ask is this possible? This vegan dessert is a delicious dairy-free, low-calorie treat that you will devour within seconds. It is called a nice cream since is much nicer for you health-wise and contains fructose rather than processed sugar. Because of their natural sweetness, frozen bananas are used as a base to which you can add various combinations of other fruits.  


  • Frozen bananas  
  • Other frozen fruits of choice  
  • Plant-based milk of choice   
  • Nut butter and vanilla extract (optional)  


At the very beginning blend the frozen bananas and slowly pour the milk in. You should get a thick consistency. Add the rest of your fruit and blend again. Depending on my mood, sometimes I put a tablespoon of almond butter and pour a couple of drops of vanilla extract. Serve the nice cream with toppings of your choice.   


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