US surpassed Italy in death toll, becomes the world’s highest!

US surpassed Italy

The US has now surpassed Italy in COVID-19 deaths. The country has now the highest death toll from coronavirus in the world.

Over 20,000 people died because of the virus in the US alone. The devastating news came shortly after the country recorded 2,000 coronavirus deaths in just a single day. This makes the United States the first nation to document this many per day.

New York is the hotspot of the outbreak, with more than 180,000 confirmed cases out of the almost 530,000 total. Andrew Cuomo, governor of New York, stated Saturday that the death toll appears to be stabilizing.

After announcing 783 new deaths, he noted that the last several days saw similar numbers.

”That is not an all-time high, and you can see that the number is somewhat stabilizing but at a horrific rate,” Mr. Cuomo said. “These are just incredible numbers depicting incredible loss and pain.”.

Federal social distancing recommendations, issued by President Donald Trump, are currently in place until 30 April.

More than 100,000 people died of the coronavirus since the pandemic broke out last December in Wuhan, China.

While the US has surpassed Italy in deaths now and cases a long time ago, there are some countries that are reopening in the middle of this pandemic. Read this article to find out more.

The numbers and related information were taken from BBC News.


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